Bang Rak Property - find condos and villas for sale
Created as a potential model street, the impressive changes that have occurred in Bang Rak have instilled a sense of pride and need for redevelopment now for the facilities of this village, recognised by the owners of the community businesses. The entrepreneurs along this area have themselves begun to facilitate their own rebuilding, creating a contagious growth of magnificence through this village. The preservation of the old village character has been kept a priority, and as the name of Bang Rak translates into 'The Village of Love' in the Thai language, so has the charm been reserved that this village emanates.The tourist-oriented village of Bang Rak has always had an all-inclusive magnetic draw for tourists and for local islanders alike. Rejuvenated and redefined, this once sleepy and quaint village has risen to the creme of the crop as an example of beautiful infrastructure and design. It is a 'MUST VISIT' on any tourist itinerary, and a village where 'Living the Dream' can become a reality.


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