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Common FAQ's

How do I open a bank account? Financing in Thailand? Is their a price history of transacted properties? Land titles?

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Land titles

Title deed, chanote, nor sor sam gor, nor sor sam, land ownership
Updated 1 month ago

Finance to foreigners

Is financing available to non-thai nationals? lending institutions in Thailand? Bank finance
Updated 1 month ago

Unfinished Projects

Are their many failed construction sites or unfinished projects in Thailand?
Updated 1 month ago

Transacted properties and price history

How do I find transacted property prices? Is their a price history in Thailand?
Updated 1 month ago

What are the advantages of using FazWaz as my Real Estate Agent in Thailand?

Why use FazWaz for your Thailand property search.
Updated 1 month ago

Thailand Bank Account

Do I need a bank account in Thailand to buy property? Opening a bank account
Updated 1 month ago

How is land measured in Thailand?

I keep reading about rai and sq. wah and I need to know the conversions.
Updated 1 month ago

Is a reservation deposit refundable?

This is my first purchase in Thailand, am I protected?
Updated 1 month ago

Do I need a Thai bank account to buy property in Thailand?

I don't live in Thailand and need to know how to move my money in-country to make payments.
Updated 1 month ago

What are the transfer fees and who pays them?

I've heard about transfer fees during my research, even fee splitting and would like to know more.
Updated 1 month ago

What is the process to purchase a property in Thailand?

How much should a deposit be? Who holds it? What is the timeline for settlement? Off-plan versus Resale?
Updated 4 weeks ago
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