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Purchasing A Property - What you need to know

Agent fees, the buying process, legal checks, transferring funds

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Start Your Search Here - What's Your Motivation?

New to buying in Thailand? Where to start? What do I need to know? Why do people buy in Thailand? How do I get started?
Updated 2 months ago

Buying For Personal Use Only

New to buying in Thailand, Next Steps
Updated 2 months ago

Retiring In Thailand

Motivated to retire in Thailand? New to buying in Thailand
Updated 2 months ago

Holiday Home & Investment

I want an income and to use the property myself, How to generate an income, Lifestyle investment
Updated 2 months ago

Investing in Thailand

Pure investment, Investment basics, Why invest in Thailand? Why FazWaz?
Updated 2 months ago

The Purchase Process - Off-plan vs Resale

Steps to buy property? Process of buying off plan? Process of buying on the secondary market? Timeline to buy?
Updated 2 months ago

Buying a Developer or a Resale Property

What are the advantages to purchase off-plan or from a private seller? Primary and secondary market explained
Updated 2 months ago

Agent/buyers fees

Are their agent or buyers fees in Thailand? Buying fee, agent fee, agent commission
Updated 2 months ago

Process of purchasing a resale property

What steps are there to follow with buying a property in Thailand? Follow these 6 steps for a smooth transaction
Updated 2 months ago

Legal checks and due diligence

Is it common to conduct a legal due diligence on a property before transferring? What legal services are provided? What to look for.
Updated 2 months ago

Negotiation and price flexibility

What price discounts can I achieve? How to negotiate? What rebates are possible?
Updated 2 months ago

Transferring funds into Thailand

Overseas transfers, Tor Tor 3, Foreign Exchange Transfer, FET
Updated 2 months ago

Real Estate Glossary

Finding the right words to describe a property can be difficult. That's why we've created this Real Estate Glossary - full of terms that you need to know when buying or selling a home.
Updated 1 month ago