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Most experienced sales agents in Thailand

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Sell your property with confidence

  • How Much to Advertise Property?

    FazWaz do not believe in upfront fees like many other agents⋅ We will advertise your property for free and only charge on results⋅ We work on a commission basis so you only pay once we have sold your property!

  • Why Should I Advertise With FazWaz?

    FazWaz has quickly grown to become one of the leading agencies in Thailand⋅ Our vast network is complimented by our partnerships with large media companies in Thailand⋅ If you want to sell your property, then FazWaz is the only agent you will need⋅  

  • How Does FazWaz Value My Property?

    Unlike other agents, FazWaz price properties to sale⋅ The theme of properties remaining on the market for years, is all too common in Thailand⋅ FazWaz uses comparable market data, past sold prices and expert agent knowledge to ensure your property gets sold⋅