Pattaya International Hospital

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Buy: ฿2.11M - ฿352M
For Sale on FazWaz: 54 properties
Rent: ฿10.1K - ฿86.6K
For Rent on FazWaz: 46 properties
To Utapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport: 57.7 km / 1 hour 2 mins by driving

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Nova Atrium Pattaya
the best-serviced condo with excellent management
User Rating
Overall Rating
this condo has a number of facilities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, and security guards. the condo is well-kept and clean, which is fascinating. my room is stylish and comfortable, and the in-room amenities are functional. the facilities are also well-maintained and well-managed. buying a condo is worthwhile because the location is in a prime area, close to central pattaya beach and shopping malls, taking only a few minutes to get there. it's very secure and convenient, as well as feeling at ease throughout your stay.
Fabien Y.
  • 3 years ago
1 review
Pattaya Tower
old condo but spacious room.
User Rating
Overall Rating
the building looks a bit old because it was completed several years ago. the room is spacious and suitable for the price. the interior is decorated with wooden furniture, which is strong and durable. the bedroom is nicely decorated as well, comprising a closet and drawer, in which many things can be stored. overall, it is nice and comfortable staying with the family and close to many tourist attractions.
Richie Shutts
  • 3 years ago
3 reviews
Pattaya Tower
the condo near the beach situated in an area where it is easy and convenient to find food
User Rating
Overall Rating
it is a must-visit accommodation in pattaya. i am very impressed with this beautiful condo, great value. the pool and gym are great. the internet wi-fi is available for free. besides, there are also good restaurants nearby surrounding the condo, such as convenience stores like family mart within 100 meters. plus, the staff here are all good. it is a great condo for me; they warmly welcomed foreigners with excellent service and a good location near the beach.
Pearlene Chiang
  • 4 years ago
3 reviews
Pattaya Tower
not recommended!
User Rating
Overall Rating
the condo location is excellent, close to pattaya beach. behind the project, you can find the pattaya international hospital. as for the room price, it is reasonable. but the building is outdated; the elevator is also old and malfunction. the room has 2 bedrooms, very worn out. the old owner barely kept it in good condition. pretty scary, not recommended!
Daine Debusk
  • 6 years ago
3 reviews

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Pattaya International Hospital
54 Properties for you
Buy: ฿2.11M - ฿352M
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