Khao Yai Apartment Hua Hin

Нонг Кае, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан

  • 2 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершено (ноя 2018)
От ฿5,800,000
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Khao Yai Apartment Hua Hin

Нонг Кае, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан
  • 2 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершено (Nov 2018)
От ฿5,800,000

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  • Плата за обслуживание мест общего пользования Эти сборы оплачиваются владельцами недвижимости за содержание общих помещений кондоминиумов и жилых комплексов. В новых жилых комплексах при передаче права собственности, как правило, нужно сразу внести аванс в виде оплаты за управление на 1-3 года вперёд. ฿4,166
  • Фонд погашения В новом кондоминиуме покупатель выплачивает единовременную сумму при передаче имущества от застройщика будущему собственнику. Этот фонд будет использоваться для капитального ремонта и замены оборудования в случае необходимости, для обеспечения технического обслуживания здания и, в конечном счете, его стоимости в будущем. ฿2,500

Khao Yai Apartment Hua Hin в Нонг Кае, Хуа Хин

Khao Yai Luxurious Apartments Hua Hin is located just 5 min. from central Hua Hin and situated on a land with a natural elevation and beautiful mountain.

The use of natural slopes optimize the scenic view from every apartment and increase privacy to the fullest extent. In addition provides the elevated location beautiful views over Hua Hin and the Gulf of Thailand



However feels like it has ample living space, a kitchen, parking space with generous storage next to your own entrance. And once you lock the door behind you there are no worries of gardening or swimming pool cleaning. You lease in your own name, this will be registered at the land office, so no company required.


In Khao Yai Hua Hin Apartments you have your own parking with generous storage next to your own front door, not in a parking garage, you don't have to look for an elevator or to walk long hallways but with one key you open up your own private living space. In case you would like to sell it there is no "foreign quota" because it is not built under the condominium law, which require min 51 % of Thai ownership.


Which provides easy ownership and the apartment is 100 % in your own name. There is generous landscaping, communal roads, large (70m x 5m) swimming pool and jacuzzi with recreation area and even a dog letting area, everything is taken care of by a professional property management company. The maintenance costs are very low because they are split between 20 owners. This is what we call "worry free living" you close the door behind you and you are free to go, when you come back, open the door and just enjoy!


Use of only premium and durable materials which means very low maintenance cost for you. Moreover, combining this worry-free living and superb location, will result in a yearly appreciation of the value of your apartment. In addition, there is the opportunity to rent out the apartment for either short- or long-term, which provides you with an excellent rental yield on top of the annual appreciation.


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