Baan Ing Phu

Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан

  • 44 Units
  • Завершено (май 2015)
От ฿3,700,000
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Baan Ing Phu

Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан
  • 44 Units
  • Завершено (May 2015)
От ฿3,700,000

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Под управлением гостиничного оператора
Ресторан на территории
Общий тренажёрный зал
Охрана 24/7
Шаттл до пляжа
Парковка для авто
Теннисный корт
Зона вестибюля

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Baan Ing Phu в Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин

Extraordinary villas for an exceptional lifestyle

Baan Ing Phu is much more than a luxury private estate – it’s an extraordinary lifestyle that epitomizes relaxation and refined living for the few.

The Thai name Baan Ing Phu translates as ‘The house leaning towards the mountains’. The estate is surrounded by stunning vistas of the neighbouring Black Mountains in a quiet natural environment that is a short distance from the Thai historic resort of Hua Hin.

It is a private escape where discerning homeowners can be assured that their needs are looked after. The overall concept has a luxurious resort ambiance in a relaxed stress free environment for people who expect exceptional living standards.

The estate features beautifully designed and meticulously built private villas using a wonderful combination of Eastern design and Western building standards. The use of the finest local materials offers a personal choice of granite, marble, wood and ceramics. Each villa can be custom built to individual requirements, offering owners the unique opportunity to create individual homes of their dreams.

The resort also offers a diverse range of sports and leisure facilities that reflect it’s five-star environment.

Currently the estate measures over 14 hectares which makes it one of the largest property developments in the Hua Hin area.


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