Baan Phu Thara

Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан

  • 41 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿7,947,000
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Baan Phu Thara

Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин, Прачуап Кири Кхан
  • 41 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿7,947,000

Характеристики объекта

Общий бассейн
Общий тренажёрный зал
Охрана 24/7
Шаттл до пляжа
Парковка для авто

Цены по типу комнат

Доступные квартиры в Baan Phu Thara

Этап строительства объекта

Baan Phu Thara 65%
Ожидаемая дата завершения: N/A

Схема оплаты

  • Взнос Этапы Оплата
  • Депозит Сразу ฿200,000
  • 1-й взнос При подписании контракта 20%

Baan Phu Thara в Хин Лек Фаи, Хуа Хин

All of our Villa designs are wheelchair friendly and all of our villas come with an automated security / safety lighting system in the case of a power failure, a security alarm and CCTV cameras for peace of mind.

A concept that offers outstanding value, combining classic architecture that is in keeping with its surroundings and innovative features all balanced by a continuous awareness of “green living”.

As our target market is aimed primarily towards people coming to live in Hua Hin as a better option for a higher quality of life, we feel that the property that they purchase should reflect this, as this maybe a last major purchase for those people retiring.

Obviously budgets are all important with regard to a purchase and Thai Country Homes has tried to get the balance right as to what is important in a home regarding quality, finishing, low maintenance and low energy costs at a very affordable price.

As a complete package we believe that our product is very hard to beat for an exceptional lifestyle.


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