Milford Paradise

Пак Нам Пран, Pran Buri, Прачуап Кири Кхан

  • 171 Units
  • 30 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершено (май 2009)
От ฿2,700,000
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Milford Paradise

Пак Нам Пран, Pran Buri, Прачуап Кири Кхан
  • 171 Units
  • 30 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершено (May 2009)
От ฿2,700,000

Характеристики объекта

Под управлением гостиничного оператора
Ресторан на территории
Общий бассейн
Общий тренажёрный зал
Охрана 24/7
Парковка для авто
Прямой выход к пляжу
Теннисный корт
Зона вестибюля

Цены по типу комнат

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Milford Paradise в Пак Нам Пран, Хуа Хин

Milford Paradise Hotel, one of Thailand's best situated first class seaside resorts is located in the most magnificent scenery.

Facing the sea and surrounded by the rolling hills. The resort was designed exclusively for your fulfillment with the private beach, the unique tropical garden and big swimming pool together with a full range of facilities.

Each unit offers panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand and on our challenging golf course called Milford Golf Club, which was landscaped by the internationally renowned American Expert, Robert McFarland. It's also the only golf course in the country that is lying in between rolling


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