Eeden Village

Ча Ам, Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури

  • 6 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿4,550,000
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Eeden Village

Ча Ам, Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури
  • 6 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿4,550,000

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Общий бассейн
Охрана 24/7
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  • Плата за обслуживание мест общего пользования Эти сборы оплачиваются владельцами недвижимости за содержание общих помещений кондоминиумов и жилых комплексов. В новых жилых комплексах при передаче права собственности, как правило, нужно сразу внести аванс в виде оплаты за управление на 1-3 года вперёд. ฿2,917

Eeden Village в Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури

From stylish pool villas to beautiful bungalows, our approach to house design has been toward harmonizing elegance, functionality and quality. Yet we’re absolutely lavish in bringing about welcoming atmosphere with lots of greenery and open-spaced landscape.

Eeden Village has been envisioned with plentiful green space and quaint village-like atmosphere in mind. Stepping inside boundary of the compound, it will become apparent to visitors of our different approach toward building a community. We embrace the idea of building a neighborhood that residents can feel at home, comfortable, and safe.

Our house design stands out on its own as having a welcoming feel and a hint of culture, we deliver homes with simple elegance, a touch of European ambiance and modern Thai flair. Our Classic house models reflect this philosophy in abundance. Meanwhile we offer a more fun and tropical luxury with Retreat line of models. All are built to high standard in a single-floored bungalow style. Eeden Village truly presents a fine living space for relaxation and blissful home.


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