Leo Gardens

Ча Ам, Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури

  • 27 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿2,690,000
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Leo Gardens

Ча Ам, Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури
  • 27 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (7 месяца/-ев)
От ฿2,690,000

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Leo Gardens в Ча Ам, Пхетчхабури

Leo Gardens moved to manage a new owner a year ago. The new owner has a great desire to develop Leo Garden's best residential area and neighborhood to live and vacation.

Leo Gardens Clubhouse, Pool Area and Main Gate are now ready. In addition to eight detached houses, the first four-room terraced house is the last one without a finish.

As a sign of the continued development of Leo Gardens as a novelty for 2014, a new semi-house model will be introduced. It has been desirable to develop a comprehensive range of different types of housing solutions, from which everyone can find a suitable model depending on their needs.

Leo Gardens is a great choice for those who enjoy the spacious space and the beautiful gardens.

Leo Gardens' leisure leisure center is a well-stocked clubhouse next to the magnificent pool area. The pool area is the perfect place to spend sunny days under the Thai sun.

Clubhouse equipment includes sauna, pool table, karaoke equipment and wireless internet. The clubhouse is a place where residents of the area gather to spend their time together.

The neighborhood and Hua Hin are developing strongly. Cycling and walking distance makes it easy to find massage services or enjoy cheap and tasty food at numerous local restaurants.

A couple of miles away you will find the new magnificent shopping center The Venezia Hua Hin. There are a number of pharmacies, restaurants, shops and a great grocery store in the Villa Market. The shopping center is also located for the smallest family, among others. numerous playgrounds and a small zoo.

Hua Hin and Cha Amin Ale are renowned for their many beautiful golf courses. Our favorite Palm Hills Golf is just a five minute drive from Leo Garden.

A full range of shopping, numerous water parks, long sandy beaches, and numerous restaurants await you and your family a short drive away either from Hua Hissa or Cha Am. In the midst of all this, the time certainly will not go long and holidaying in Thailand is memorable.


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