Baan Rom Yen

Rawai, Пхукет Тощн, Пхукет

  • 7 квартир
  • Завершено (дек 2009)
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Baan Rom Yen

Rawai, Пхукет Тощн, Пхукет
  • 7 квартир
  • Завершено (Dec 2009)
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Baan Rom Yen в Rawai, Пхукет

Baan Rom Yen (Phase 1) is a villa development located in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand. It is 1.4km from the beach with 7 villa units completed in January of 2010. It features car parking.We offer seven Villa styles to choose from ranging from antique to modern. We have flexible Villa plans inlcuding room extensions and land extensions possible. Pricing starts from 4.9 million Baht for a two-bedroom pool villa. Financing is available for 30-40 % of the selling price over 2-3 years. Located 1 Km from Rawai Beach in southern Phuket, the location is superb for those seeking privacy and a luxurious ambience enjoyed in a natural environment.


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