Tanode Villas 3

Чернг Талай, Тхаланг, Пхукет

  • 9 квартир
  • Завершено (дек 2013)
От ฿18,900,000
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Tanode Villas 3

Чернг Талай, Тхаланг, Пхукет
  • 9 квартир
  • Завершено (Dec 2013)
От ฿18,900,000

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Tanode Villas 3 в Чернг Талай, Пхукет

Tanode Villas 3 (Phase 3) is a villa development located in Laguna, Phuket, Thailand. It is 3.3km from the beach with 9 villa units completed in December of 2013. It features 24-hour security, CCTV, car parking.We have taken an already great product and made it even better! Based on numerous customer feedback and comments, a number of significant improvements have been incorporated in Phase 3 such as larger living and dining areas that are fully integrated with outdoor areas of activity. Private pools up to 12 metres allow for actual lap swimming. The villas boast up to 380 square metres of usable area, comprising 3 bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms. A larger pool deck, with ample space for a bar / cooking station and informal dining, allows outdoor living to the fullest. Buy with the utmost confidence in knowing that Phase 3 is based on good genes. With more than 20 villas of this type already sold, there is no better vote of confidence.


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