Paradise Beach Residence

Патонг, Kathu, Пхукет

  • 1152 квартир
  • 8 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершение строительства в дек 2021 г.
От ฿5,175,000
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Paradise Beach Residence

Патонг, Kathu, Пхукет
  • 1152 квартир
  • 8 этажа(-ей)
  • Завершение строительства в Dec 2021 г.
От ฿5,175,000

Характеристики объекта

Общий бассейн
Общий тренажёрный зал
Охрана 24/7
Парковка для авто
Прямой выход к пляжу
Зона вестибюля

Цены по типу комнат

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Схема оплаты

Payment Terms

  • Взнос Этапы Оплата
  • Резервационный депозит Сразу ฿200,000
  • 1-й взнос При подписании договора резервирования 35%
  • 2-й взнос 90 дней после подписания контракта 10%
  • 3-й взнос Upon completion of infrastructure 15%
  • 4-й взнос ๊Upon building foundation completion 15%
  • 5-й взнос % завершение строительства 15%
  • 6-й взнос При передаче объекта 10%

Paradise Beach Residence в Патонг, Пхукет

Paradise Beach is a fully private secluded beach in the midst of a tropical forest. This picturesque beach offers unparalleled beauty with white sand, tranquil turquoise water, and a coral reef teeming with fish and sea life. Various recreational activities are available including snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, and paddling. The dive center offers amazing underwater adventures for all experience levels. Full range of amenities including beach chairs, changing rooms with showers, parking, colorful shops, and restaurants. And don’t forget the full moon party that takes place on the beach every Saturday evening until late night… Owners will have privileged access to the beach with discounts on activities, food and beverages.

Rental guarantee conditions: no monthly fees, no electricity, no maintenance, no sinking fund...for the first 15 years. The rental guarantee will be paid every year in advance.

Buy Back Option: after 10 years from the closing date the buyer may apply for the buyback option and receive back all the money paid. After 15 years possibility of renegotiating a new rental guarantee period


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