Apple Villas Koh Samui

Бопхут, Самуи, Сураттани

  • 10 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (12 месяца/-ев)
От ฿14,300,000
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Apple Villas Koh Samui

Бопхут, Самуи, Сураттани
  • 10 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (12 месяца/-ев)
От ฿14,300,000

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Общий бассейн
Охрана 24/7
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Apple Villas Koh Samui в Бопхут, Самуи

Each villa had its private parking and separated from other dwellings.

Infinity pool creates an effect of continuous water surface – this is a particular part of each villa. Panoramic view of the sea grants that feeling of easiness and absolute freedom.

Minimalism is the main stylistic choice for all villas. This makes all of them feel spacious and free. A project will include the development of a unique interior.

Panoramic windows make space lighter and visually adds volume while allowing you to enjoy incredible views from any room.

Only high-quality materials such as stone, wood, and metal are used to build these villas. Each building is equipped with reliable bathroom accessories and plumbing that will serve you for many years.

Style and practicality are two core constituents of the Villa interior design. European style kitchen seamlessly combined with a living room, comfortable furniture, and various storage spaces – every centimeter is meticulously calculated and designed to the smallest detail.


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