Verano Residence

Бопхут, Самуи, Сураттани

  • 25 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (10 месяца/-ев)
От ฿20,000,000
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Verano Residence

Бопхут, Самуи, Сураттани
  • 25 Units
  • По индивидуальному проекту (10 месяца/-ев)
От ฿20,000,000

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Охрана 24/7
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  • Price & Availability Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019
  • Плата за обслуживание мест общего пользования Эти сборы оплачиваются владельцами недвижимости за содержание общих помещений кондоминиумов и жилых комплексов. В новых жилых комплексах при передаче права собственности, как правило, нужно сразу внести аванс в виде оплаты за управление на 1-3 года вперёд. ฿10/кв.м.

Схема оплаты

  • Взнос Этапы Оплата
  • Резервационный депозит Сразу 2%
  • 1-й взнос При подписании контракта 8%
  • 2-й взнос Upon start of construction 30%
  • 3-й взнос Upon completion of foundation, structure and roof 25%
  • 4-й взнос Upon completion of 1st fix M.E.P render 20%
  • 5-й взнос По завершению 15%

Verano Residence в Бопхут, Самуи

Verano Residence is a villa development located in Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand. It is 0.7km from the beach with 6 villa units, to be built within 10 months of purchase. It features 24-hour security, CCTV, car parking.When it comes to structural drawings, judging a book by its cover can expose a world of inspiration.

Verano residence’s modern exteriors and unique designs display a wide range of stylistic influences but they all have one thing in common, they embrace the constraints and challenges presented by their environments by creating a unified experience between terrain, materials, and structure.

These buildings do not disrupt the landscape-they have a new road to experience it. Obscuring the lines between vernacular architecture and modernist design principals allows home exteriors to become something more than just beautiful façade. The combination between the smooth white walls and textural stone cladding exert amazing visual.

Phase 2 is on a lower level than Phase 1, with easier access but still with stunning views over the famous Chaweng Bay and over the crystal blue waters to Koh Phangan. Due to the market demand, villas will slightly bigger than in Phase One with an overall layout revised.

Each villa is around 380 sq.m of built up space, with all 3 ensuite bedrooms located on the first floor, offering great seaview from every room in the villa. With the feedback and experience from Phase 1, villas on Phase 2 are built up to the best quality.

Phase 3

After the success of Phase 1 and 2, Verano team has started the construction of Phase 3 in September 2017. In total 13 villas will be built, with a mix a 3 Bedroom villas and massive 600sq.m 4 Bedroom villas; Every villa is now under construction with expected completion for the first villas to be November 2018.


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