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Pattaya Property for Sale

Unit IDLocationPriceBedsBathsSq M฿/ Sq M
condoNew.png 4DB91CPratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿2,400,0001135฿68,571
condoNew.png PA-104Pattaya City, Pattaya฿4,290,0001147฿91,277
condoNew.png PA525-401Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿3,800,00022107฿35,514
villa.png PA-75Bang Lamung, Pattaya฿10,900,0002290฿121,111
villa.png PA-50Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿9,800,00022120฿81,667
condoNew.png B1C41AJomtien, Pattaya฿3,195,0002258฿55,565
villa.png PA-180Bang Lamung, Pattaya฿9,500,00034280฿33,929
condoNew.png PA-136Pattaya City, Pattaya฿4,500,0002152฿87,379
villa.png 0A3662Pattaya City, Pattaya฿4,200,00032130฿32,308
condoNew.png FF4316Wong Amat, Pattaya฿5,000,0001149฿102,041
condoNew.png PA058-034Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿1,600,0001137฿43,243
condoNew.png PA-126Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿5,600,0002266฿84,848
condoNew.png PA-98Pattaya City, Pattaya฿9,200,0001166฿139,394
condoNew.png PA-223Jomtien, Pattaya฿1,150,0001136฿31,944
condoNew.png PA-182Pattaya City, Pattaya฿3,095,0001129฿106,724
condoNew.png PA-7Pattaya City, Pattaya฿2,600,0000134฿76,448
condoNew.png E21EBFPratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿3,699,0001178฿47,423
condoNew.png F2AEF4Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya฿2,900,0001150฿58,000
condoNew.png PA714-001Jomtien, Pattaya฿15,200,00032178฿85,393
condoNew.png 686D5DJomtien, Pattaya฿16,000,00042150฿106,667

What you need to know about Pattaya


Pattaya is a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf, 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok and known for its beaches and nightlife. The city was built around Ao Pattaya, a wide, crescent-shaped bay that was one of Thailand’s first beach resorts in the 1960s when American GIs came for some R&R. North Pattaya (Pattaya Neua) is a more upmarket area while Pattaya South (Pattaya Tai) remains the nightlife hub. The best beaches in the area are on Koh Samae San, a tiny island with good snorkelling, and the navy-run Hat Nahng Ram, both 35km south of Pattaya.