Green View Home

หนองหาร, สันทราย, เชียงใหม่

  • 326 ยูนิต
  • สร้างเสร็จแล้ว (ธ.ค. 2558)
เริ่มต้น ฿2,290,000

Green View Home

หนองหาร, สันทราย, เชียงใหม่
  • 326 ยูนิต
  • สร้างเสร็จแล้ว (Dec 2015)


รปภ. 24ชั่วโมง


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Green View Home in หนองหาร, เชียงใหม่

Green view home is located on Chiangmai – Mae jo road under the concept of “think for the customer, the difference on the usual things”. The total area of 304.15 Acres, Which were separated into 3 phases, separated 1 story detached house zone out of 2 stories detached house zone, hence, the taller house could not block the wind to the shorter one and it will give a better view for the project too.<br><br>The house is in English modern style. The body and the roof were painted in gray, and the window was painted in white, with this style, the house will look better than the white or cream one because the bright house reflected the lights more than the dark house. Every house in the project is also piling to reduce the damage done by an earthquake. The materials used in the project also include lite brick, the same quality standard for heat insulation and anti-termite system for every house, and the security systemwith closed circuit television (CCTV) at the entrance to the project.<br><br>There are 2 styles of a house in the project, 1 story detached house and 2 stories detached house. Both of a kind can be qualify into 2 types depends on the area usage. The project has created a new rubbish dump box with a front box open for easily spotted by a rubbish man and also it can reduced the smell produced by the rubbish. In front of the project also have a clubhouse, swimming pool, central park, and CCTV at the project main entrance.



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