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What you need to know about Laem Set

The average price per square meter for a Condo For Sale in Laem Set is ฿62,386, which is 24% below the average price per square meter in Koh Samui that is ฿77,266.

Laem Set is located in the south east of Koh Samui. It is usually classified in the list of those beaches that are in a beautiful natural setting but that are not great for swimming. Laem Set is a less developed part of the island. What is notable about the Laem Set is that it is the best place to take children to see animals, and it is also one of the best spots to practice yoga, tai chi and other traditional forms of healing and wellness.Laem Set beach has plenty of trees and nature to enjoy. It is a tranquil beach that has a coral reef 100 meters out to sea. Swimming is best during the high tidal months between April and October. In the other months you have to walk a long distance before the sea bed becomes deep. Due to the coral reef off shore there are small pieces of dead coral in the sandy bottom. Several resorts offer plastic swimming shoes for their guests so they don't cut themselves on the corals.Laem Set is 20 minutes away by taxi from Lamai beach and 40 minutes from Chaweng beach. There are few shops, bars and restaurants in Laem Set so many people feel the need to hire a motorbike or car when staying on Laem Set beach.