Oceana Kamala

卡马拉, 卡图, 普吉

  • 128 Units
  • 8 楼层
  • 完建 (12月 2017)
起价 ฿3,950,000

Oceana Kamala

卡马拉, 卡图, 普吉
  • 128 Units
  • 8 楼层
  • 完建 (Dec 2017)
起价 ฿3,950,000



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Oceana Kamala 在售单元

  • 公共区域维护费 这些费用由业主支付,用于维护公寓公共区域和住房项目。对于新住宅开发,一般会在在与单元业主交接时提前支付1-3年的物业费。 ฿50/平米
  • 偿债基金 对于新公寓项目,买主会在房产从开发商移交至买主时一次性支付所需相关费用。这笔费用主要用于必要的重大设施改良和更新,以确保建筑的维护保养及将来的价值。 ฿600/平米

Oceana Kamala in 卡马拉, 普吉

Oceana is a condo development located in Kamala, Phuket, Thailand. It is 0.4km from the beach with 126 condo units across 8 floors scheduled for completion in April of 2017. It features a swimming pool, a fitness center, 24-hour security, car parking, a spa.

A unique hillside location is the inspiration behind the design of Oceana. With a location that can deliver magnificent views of the ocean and picturesque mountain views set by behind the charming town of Kamala, the design of Oceana had to be special and from this came the inspired diamond design.

Oceana takes it appearance from that of a diamond and when you look close at a diamond you will see smaller fragments of the diamond inside, these fragments represent the rooms within the buildings. The idea is to maximize the views but also bring a modern and distinct appearance to the residence from that of the typical condominium building seen today.

With the planning of the development it was considered important that Oceana could offer not only ocean views but also be a convenient place for residents to reside. To further maximise its location Oceana includes attractive commercial frontage that brings further convenience and benefits to its residents. All those that stay will be able to experience the comforts and delights that come with Oceana giving the feeling of Five Star living at a fantastic price.

Oceana is located on a prime ocean view land plot with an area totaling 3 rai. The development contains 3 residential condominium buildings each with 8 storeys. The development frontage includes a number of boutique commercial outlets including a main lobby. Lift access from the ground floor lobby provides convenient access to the facilities, parking areas and residential buildings.



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