Six Villas by Sun Palm Village

查龙, 普吉镇, 普吉

  • 6 单元
  • 期房
起价 ฿11,700,000

Six Villas by Sun Palm Village

查龙, 普吉镇, 普吉
  • 6 单元
  • 期房
起价 ฿11,700,000



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Six Villas by Sun Palm Village 在售单元

  • 公共区域维护费 这些费用由业主支付,用于维护公寓公共区域和住房项目。对于新住宅开发,一般会在在与单元业主交接时提前支付1-3年的物业费。 ฿4/平米
  • 偿债基金 对于新公寓项目,买主会在房产从开发商移交至买主时一次性支付所需相关费用。这笔费用主要用于必要的重大设施改良和更新,以确保建筑的维护保养及将来的价值。 ฿50,000

Six Villas by Sun Palm Village in 查龙, 普吉

Life is a wave of experience. Every tide bring the senses, inspiring us to discover new moments of happiness by feeling, seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting the many elements that make living in paradise sought after.

At Six Villas by Sun Palm Village, we believe in taking you from one moment of happiness to the next. Set on a prime location amidst an international community, Six Villas comprises six exclusive pool villas serviced by every imaginable comfort.

Discover a private, convenient and idyllic lifestyle kissed by the warm breeze of the Andaman Sea. Relax. Revel in the many beach activities available.

Then retire at dusk and be chaperoned by caretakers and a community that will soon feel like family. Indeed, days here are truly extraordinary. Let your senses lead you into moments of blissful living. This is the momentum of happiness.



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