Burasiri San Phi Suea

San Phisuea, 孟清迈, 清迈

  • 126 Units
  • 完建 (12月 2017)
起价 ฿5,900,000

Burasiri San Phi Suea

San Phisuea, 孟清迈, 清迈
  • 126 Units
  • 完建 (Dec 2017)
起价 ฿5,900,000



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  • 最新价格更新日期: Nov 13, 2019
  • 公共区域维护费 这些费用由业主支付,用于维护公寓公共区域和住房项目。对于新住宅开发,一般会在在与单元业主交接时提前支付1-3年的物业费。 ฿40/平米

Burasiri San Phi Suea in San Phisuea, 清迈

Welcome to the resort-style living experience surrounded by nature, paddy fields, cool breeze, misty mornings and 360-degree mountain vista. Here, in your unique “Boutique Resort Home”, you breathe in only the purest air. 

The “Huen Lanna” design concept guarantees a completely relaxed lifestyle, especially when supported by an integrated clubhouse amidst an expanse of greenery, located on the last piece of land in Chiang Mai City with such unspoiled nature. 

Burasiri San Phi Suea was designed under the northern “Huen Lanna” concept that has been moulded to support today’s modern lifestyle. The house was created to resemble half timber half concrete northern house with wood-like grooving and paint on the upper floor and white-painted concrete on the ground floor. The design was further embellished with the delicate “ta laew” weaving pattern – a northern symbol believed to bring good luck to house occupants.

What makes Burasiri San Phi Suea shine are the area usage and functions that answer the lifestyle needs of Chiang Mai residents. This means members of the extended family living under one roof along with grandfathers and grandmothers. Therefore, the ground floor bedroom was meticulously designed to open out to nature, clean air and garden. The upper floor terrace is expansive, suitable for family activities that will further enhance the family relationship – reflecting on the idealistic warmth of “Huen Lanna”.



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