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Purchasing From a Developer Off-Plan - What you need to know

Uncover the ins and outs of purchasing off-plan properties from developers in Thailand - Learn how off-plan properties for sale can be beneficial from FazWaz.

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Guaranteed rental returns explained

How are guarenteed rental returns possible? Questions to ask developers? What to look for in a developer, ROI, rental returns
updated 1 year ago

Buying off-plan property in Thailand - Pro's and Con's

And just what does off-plan mean?
updated 1 year ago

Legal due diligence when buying off-plan

Should I conduct a legal due diligence when buying from a developer? What questions should I ask a developer when buying? What legal checks?
updated 1 year ago

Steps to purchase an off-plan property

What are the steps/process to purchase from a developer off-plan?
updated 1 year ago
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