Everything you need to know about homebuying in Thailand

Purchasing A Property in Thailand - What you need to know

Buying a property in Thailand can be daunting, but we have you covered. From legal requirements to finding the best deals, we'll guide you through every step.

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Start Your Search Here - What's Your Motivation?
Buying For Personal Use Only
Retiring In Thailand
Holiday Home & Investment
Investing in Thailand
The Purchase Process - Off-plan vs Resale
Buying a Developer or a Resale Property
Agent/buyers fees
Process of purchasing a resale property
Legal checks and due diligence
Negotiation and price flexibility
Transferring funds into Thailand
Real Estate Glossary

Bangkok Property Buying Guide

Understanding the Bangkok Condo market in 2023
The Pros & Cons of Buying Condos in Bangkok
10 Top Tips for buying Bangkok Condo
11 Best Neighborhoods for Condo Investment in Bangkok
Compare Bangkok condo for sale vs other housing options
Buying a Bangkok Condo: A Guide of Laws, Taxes& Regulations
Uncover Your Perfect Bangkok Condo Lender in 2023!
Bangkok Condo for Sale Near MRT & BTS: Is it the Best Choice?

Phuket Property Buying Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide on Buying Property in Phuket [2023]
How to Choose the Right Property in Phuket: Tips and Tricks
The Pros and Cons of Buying Off-Plan Property in Phuket
Why Phuket is a Popular Destination for Expat Property Buyers
How to Finance Your Phuket Property Purchase as an Expat
Post Purchase Tips for Expats: Settling into Your Phuket Property
The potential returns on investment of owning property in Phuket.
Compare property in Phuket vs popular regions in Thailand
[8] Tips for Making the Most of Your Phuket Property Investment
5 Interesting Facts About Buying Property in Phuket in 2023
Property Market in Phuket: Trends, Prices and Hotspots
Top 9 Reasons to Buy a Villa in Phuket
6 Simple Steps to Buy a Phuket Villa from Overseas
Benefits of Buying Property in Phuket with a Professional Agent
[4] Proven Strategies for Investing in Phuket Villas in [2023]
When to Buy a Villa in Phuket: Timing is Everything
[3] Benefits of Buying a Phuket Villa in Booming Tourism Market
Phuket Best Kept Secret: Find Your Villa For High Rental Yield
How to Evaluate the Condition and Value of Villa in Phuket

Pattaya Property Buying Guide

Understanding condo for sale market in Pattaya 2023
Finding the right real estate agent or developer in Pattaya
10 Best Neighborhoods for Condo Investment in Pattaya
Understanding the legal process of buying a condo in Pattaya
Evaluating the potential for rental income and resale value
Researching the local community and lifestyle in Pattaya
Pattaya offers exceptional condo benefits over Thailand
The best top 5 sea view condos in Pattaya
What you need to know about purchasing a second hand condo
When is the Best Time to Buy a Condo in Pattaya
Discover the Top 5 Most Luxurious Condos for Sale in Pattaya!
Discover the Top 5 Best Condos for Sale in the Heart of Pattaya!

Hua Hin Property Buying Guide

How to find the right property in Hua Hin [2023]
How to Navigate the Local Property Market in Hua Hin
6 Benefits of Local Knowledge: Hire a Property Agent in Hua Hin
Unraveling Property Tax Laws in Hua Hin
Uncovering the Unexpected: Inspecting a Hua Hin Property
The pros and cons of buying property in Hua Hin
The Incredible Impact of Tourism on Property for Sale in Hua Hin!
Unlock Your Dream Property in Hua Hin with Financing Options!
Secrets to Successfully Negotiating Property in Hua Hin
Property in Hua Hin: Enjoy the Perfect Climate & Weather!

Koh Samui Property Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Property in Koh Samui
Buying Property in Koh Samui: A Step-by-Step Guide
Koh Samui Property Market: What's hot right now
Timing is Key: When to Buy Property in Koh Samui
Expats Buying Property in Koh Samui: 10 Things You Must Know
Top 6 Tips for Financing Property in Koh Samui
How the Seasons Affect Property in Koh Samui - Don't Miss Out!
Buying Property in Koh Samui During a Recession: Worth it?
Maximize Your ROI: Investing in Property in Koh Samui
Koh Samui Property: Off-Plan vs Resale Which One to Choose?

Foreign Property Ownership in Thailand

Information on foreign ownership of property in Thailand

11 articles in this category
Ownership Explained - The Basics
Condominium Ownership (Freehold/Leasehold)
Condominium and Villa/House Ownership
Freehold versus Leasehold

Landed Property (Homes or Villas)

Can I buy landed property?
Landed Property Ownership - Off Plan
Landed Property Ownership - Resale


Condominium Ownership
Foreign Quota Availability - Purchasing a Resale Condo
Condominium Ownership - Off-Plan
Condominium Ownership - Leasehold

Purchasing From a Developer Off-Plan - What you need to know

Uncover the ins and outs of purchasing off-plan properties from developers in Thailand - Learn how off-plan properties for sale can be beneficial from FazWaz.

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Steps to purchase an off-plan property
Legal due diligence when buying off-plan
Buying off-plan property in Thailand - Pro's and Con's
Guaranteed rental returns explained

Maintaining Your Property in Thailand

Don't let property maintenance in Thailand become a headache - Learn how to main your property in Thailand with ease on FazWaz Real Estate advice section. 

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Maintenance Fees (CAM Fees)
Sinking Fund
What is the Sinking Fund being used for?

Renting Out Your Property In Thailand

Maximize your return on investment by renting out your property in Thailand - Learn how on FazWaz renting guides. 

3 articles in this category
Can I legally rent my property?
What options do I have to rent my property?
Rental Income Tax

Selling Your Property in Thailand - What you need to know

Selling your property in Thailand? Get the latest advice and information on what you need to know. Visit our website now for the complete guide.

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Factors that determine the listing results of your property
Selling Fees / Commission
Property Holding Period

Bangkok Property Selling Guide

Achieving the Best Listing Price for Your Bangkok Condo for Sale
How to Sell Your Bangkok Condos Faster in 2023

Phuket Property Selling Guide

The Top 10 Things Buyers Look for in a Phuket Property
The Benefits of Working with Professional Real Estate Agent
The role of online platforms in selling your Phuket property
Why Sell Your Phuket Property With Real Estate Agent?
[Ultimate Guide] How to Sell Your Property in Phuket
Sell Your Phuket Property in Record Time: Our Proven Strategies
10 Tips for Preparing Your Property in Phuket
Navigating Phuket Property Legalities: Seller and Buyer Guide
Sell Your Phuket Property Fast: Grasp Smartphone Photography
Selling Property in Phuket: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)
The Pros and Cons of Selling Property in Phuket [2023]

Hua Hin Property Selling Guide

Unlocking the Secrets of Hua Hin's Booming Property Market
Here's How to Find the Perfect Price for Your Property in Hua Hin

Koh Samui Property Selling Guide

Sell Like a Pro: 10 Tips for Selling Property in Koh Samui
Get More Out of Your Koh Samui Property with an Expert Agent
The Smart Seller's Guide: Koh Samui Property Pricing

Property Taxes and Transfer Fees in Thailand

Know what to expect on Property Taxes and Transfer Fees in Thailand. Get insider advice you need to make informed decision buying real estate in Thailand.

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Taxes and transfer fees
Withholding/Income tax example
Capital gains tax

Common FAQ's about Thailand

Get the answers you need about real estate in Thailand with our comprehensive FAQs. Visit our real estate portal for more all your queries.

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Land titles
Finance to foreigners
Unfinished Projects
Transacted properties and price history
What are the advantages of using FazWaz as my Real Estate Agent in Thailand?
Thailand Bank Account
How is land measured in Thailand?
Is a reservation deposit refundable?
Do I need a Thai bank account to buy property in Thailand?
What are the transfer fees and who pays them?
What is the process to purchase a property in Thailand?

Visas and Visiting's in Thailand

Get all Visa and Visiting regulations information on Thailand real estate with Fazwaz! Find out what to know on buying and selling property in Thailand.

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Long Term Visa Options - Overview
Retirement Visa
Thailand Elite Visa
Thailand Investment Visa

Location Guides

Want to know the in's and out's of each major market in Thailand? Best location to invest?

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Thailand Location Guide

Bangkok Neighborhood Guide

Exploring 9 Bangkok's neighborhoods of history and culture
Bangkok Travel Guide - Discover Where to Stay, Eat & Shop!

Phuket Neighborhood Guide

Bang Tao (Phuket) Guide: All You Need to Know
Exploring Phuket: A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods
Phuket Neighborhood Guide: Where to Stay, Eat, and Relax
Overview of Phuket Top [2] most family-friendly neighborhoods
The Best Neighbourhoods to Buy A Villa in Phuket 2023
Benefits of Living in Phuket's West Coast
Discover the Luxury: Beachfront vs Hilltop Villa in Phuket
Phuket Neighborhoods: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Location

Chiang Mai Neighborhood Guide

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Condos in Chiang Mai in 2023

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Learn to manage your FazWaz account and get the most out of your property search

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Thailand Property News

Explore our Property News page to get the most up-to-date information on real estate trends in Thailand

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Bangkok Property News

Get Ready to Invest in Bangkok Condos: Market Booms in 2023!

Phuket Property News

Phuket Property Booms as Chinese Buyers Move to Thailand
Phuket Property Market Post Covid-19 – What to Expect in 2023
Investors Flock to Midscale and High-End Properties in Phuket
Real Estate Slowdown in Thailand: What To Look Ahead in 2023