Everything you need to know about homebuying in Thailand

Purchasing A Property - What you need to know

Agent fees, the buying process, legal checks, transferring funds

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Start Your Search Here - What's Your Motivation?
Buying For Personal Use Only
Retiring In Thailand
Holiday Home & Investment
Investing in Thailand
The Purchase Process - Off-plan vs Resale
Buying a Developer or a Resale Property
Agent/buyers fees
Process of purchasing a resale property
Legal checks and due diligence
Negotiation and price flexibility
Transferring funds into Thailand
Real Estate Glossary

Foreign Ownership

Information on foreign ownership of property in Thailand

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Ownership Explained - The Basics
Condominium Ownership (Freehold/Leasehold)
Condominium and Villa/House Ownership
Freehold versus Leasehold
Can I buy landed property?
Landed Property Ownership - Off Plan
Landed Property Ownership - Resale
Condominium Ownership
Foreign Quota Availability - Purchasing a Resale Condo
Condominium Ownership - Off-Plan
Condominium Ownership - Leasehold

Purchasing From a Developer Off-Plan - What you need to know

What is the process of buying off-plan? Do I need to do a legal due-diligence? What are guaranteed rental returns? How are projects funded?

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Steps to purchase an off-plan property
Legal due diligence when buying off-plan
Buying off-plan property in Thailand - Pro's and Con's
Guaranteed rental returns explained

Maintaining a Property in Thailand

Sinking fund, Maintenance Fees

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Maintenance Fees (CAM Fees)
Sinking Fund
What is the Sinking Fund being used for?

Renting Your Property

Can I legally rent my property? What rental income tax is payable?

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Can I legally rent my property?
What options do I have to rent my property?
Rental Income Tax

Selling Your Property - What you need to know

What are agent fees? What is FazWaz commission? Is their a minimum holding period? Taxes and transfer fees

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Factors that determine the listing results of your property
Selling Fees / Commission
Property Holding Period

Taxes and Transfer Fees

What taxes and transfer fees are due when buying or selling a property? Who is responsible for these fees?

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Taxes and transfer fees
Withholding/Income tax example
Capital gains tax

Common FAQ's

How do I open a bank account? Financing in Thailand? Is their a price history of transacted properties? Land titles?

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Land titles
Finance to foreigners
Unfinished Projects
Transacted properties and price history
What are the advantages of using FazWaz as my Real Estate Agent in Thailand?
Thailand Bank Account
How is land measured in Thailand?
Is a reservation deposit refundable?
Do I need a Thai bank account to buy property in Thailand?
What are the transfer fees and who pays them?
What is the process to purchase a property in Thailand?

Visas and Visiting

Details about visas for visits, longer stays, and permanent moves

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Long Term Visa Options - Overview
Retirement Visa
Thailand Elite Visa
Thailand Investment Visa

Location Guides

Want to know the in's and out's of each major market in Thailand? Best location to invest?

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Thailand Location Guide

User Accounts

Learn to manage your FazWaz account and get the most out of your property search

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List & Manage your Properties
Sign Up for a FazWaz Account
Edit your Account Profile
Manage your Favorites