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Stay up-to-date with the latest Bangkok property news and trends with our updated daily real estate analysis, experts insights, and news from Fazwaz.

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Get Ready to Invest in Bangkok Condos: Market Booms in 2023!

Live the Luxurious Life in the best Bangkok Condos for Sale. Invest Now and Reap the Benefits in 2023!
updated 1 week ago

Pruksa Holding to invest 17B THB in healthcare expansion

Pruksa Holding's 17B THB healthcare expansion set to revolutionize Thailand's healthcare industry.
updated 1 month ago

Bangkok's Condo Market Resurgence Sparks Optimism for 2023

Experience the resurgence of Bangkok's condo market in 2023. Discover why investors are optimistic.
updated 1 month ago

The 5 Most Luxurious Condos in Bangkok for 2023

Discover the ultimate in opulence with Bangkok's 5 most luxurious condos for 2023. Indulge in lavish amenities and breathtaking views in the heart of the city.
updated 1 month ago

Bangkok Condo Secrets: Future-Proof Your Investments!

Discover insider trends, top investment areas, negotiation tactics, and smart strategies to future-proof your Bangkok condo investments. Don't miss out!
updated 1 month ago

Bangkok Condo Prices to Hold Steady in 2023

Stable outlook for Bangkok condo prices in 2023 - no significant change anticipated. Stay informed with our latest analysis.
updated 1 month ago

Exploring the Exciting Festivals of Bangkok in 2023

Experience the ultimate festival destination in Bangkok 2023. Join in lively water fights and witness traditional and modern performances.
updated 3 weeks ago

Bangkok's Property Tech Trends: A Glimpse into the Future

Discover the latest Bangkok condo market tech trends! From VR to blockchain, stay informed on the future of property investment.
updated 3 weeks ago

Top 3 foreign nationalities buying a Bangkok condo in 2023

Find out which foreign nationalities are buying Bangkok condos in 2023 and how you can invest smartly in this lucrative market.
updated 3 weeks ago

Bangkok Metro Project: Sparks Bangkok Condo Price Revolution

Revolutionize Bangkok condo prices with the completion of the Bangkok Metro Project. Explore the impact and opportunities for condo investors. Learn more!
updated 3 weeks ago