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Pattaya Neighborhood Guide

 Discover the best Pattaya neighborhoods to call home with Fazwaz Pattaya Location Guide. Get insider information on each area to make informed decisions.

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Top 10 Best Beaches In Pattaya to Visit in 2023

10 top Pattaya beaches with clear water, perfect sand, and breathtaking views. Ideal shoreline vacation spot.
updated 4 days ago

Recommended Pet-friendly Condos In Pattaya 2023

Pet-friendly Pattaya condos offer spacious apartments and pet amenities for comfortable vacations.
updated 2 days ago

Best Activates Must Do In Pattaya In 2023

Experience Pattaya's diverse 2023 offerings with nightlife, beaches, culture & more.
updated 4 days ago

Explore top 4 Best Neighborhoods in Pattaya

Highlights reasons to live or visit the top 4 Pattaya neighborhoods, as well as their downsides.
updated 4 days ago

Pattaya Guide: Accommodations, Dining, Shopping and Leisure

Guide to Pattaya's accommodations, dining, shopping, and leisure in one of Thailand's well-liked cities.
updated 1 month ago

Things to do With Kids in Pattaya in 2023

Pattaya is an ideal family vacation spot with various kid-friendly activities, from cultural to water sports.
updated 1 month ago

Top 3 Best International Schools In Pattaya

Pattaya's top international schools include Regents, St. Andrews, and Garden International School, with quality education and facilities.
updated 1 month ago

Which area and villages do expats live in pattaya

Pattaya attracts many expats, who typically reside in various areas and villages, including popular ones.
updated 1 month ago

Top 6 Rooftop Bars In Pattaya In 2023

Discover 6 Best Rooftop Bars In Pattaya's rooftop bars offer breathtaking views, delectable cuisine, and creative cocktails
updated 1 month ago

5 Best Restaurants in Pattaya

Discover Pattaya's top 5 restaurants serving fresh seafood, Thai cuisine, and international dishes
updated 1 month ago