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Taxes and transfer fees

Written by FazWaz

The fees for selling a property vary based on the actual age or length of ownership of a property but typically range from around 2-7%. 

Here are the fees and costs you need to be aware of when selling your property in Thailand:

Transfer fee which is fixed at 2% of the property price. The land office will calculate this transfer fee from either the agreed sales price in the sales and purchase contract or the appraised price that the land office defines, whichever is the higher amount. The land office updates their prices every 4 years meaning that the appraised value is generally lower than the transacted value.

This transfer fee can be split by both parties, or paid fully by one - there is no hard and fast legal rule on this, although typically it is split 50/50 between the buyer and seller.

Stamp duty is fixed at 0.5% of the property sale value at the time of purchase and at the transfer (land office). This is only due if the owner has had the property for more than 5 years and is not required if ownership was for 5 years or less. This fee is typically paid fully by the seller.

Business tax (aka specific business tax - SBT) is 3.3% on the value, broken down as 3% on business tax and an additional 10% added for municipal tax. Only applicable on properties if the seller has had the property for less than 5 years, otherwise this fee not applicable. Typically it is paid fully by the seller.

Withholding Tax (WHT - also considered income tax) this is nearly always paid by the seller, and is in preparation for the property seller’s income tax. This typically ranges anywhere from 5-35%, and varies depending on the length you have held the property, the longer you have owned it the more taxes that apply. For companies the WHT is fixed at 1% of the appraised price. -Link to WHT

There are other processing small fees may be applicable to around 300 thb value, to be paid that the land office.

As a seller, we would suggest accounting for up to 7% to the sale price as land office costs (not including any agency commissions or WHT tax payments.)

Example on a 10MB THB unit

Lease registration fee is fixed at 1.1% of the contract or appraised value - this is only applicable when registering leasehold contracts with the land office along with all of the above transfer fee, stamp or SBT and WHT tax.

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