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Can I buy landed property?

Homes or Villas - Is it possible for foreigners to own land?

Landed property ownership for non-Thai nationals is best explained by separating the physical building from the land itself.  

The building (the bricks and mortar) can be owned by a non-Thai national outright in their name in what is called the house registry which secures ownership indefinitely of the structure. 

In Thailand non-Thai nationals cannot own land outright in their name. Land can be controlled through either a Thai Company or a long-term registered lease. The longest registered lease term by Thai law is 30 years and most developers will offer 3 terms for a total of 90 years.

These two methods are the most common vehicles for securing land interest in Thailand. 
Once you've found the perfect property It comes down to understanding what the current ownership is and what options are available. FazWaz consultants are here to guide you along the way and navigate you to make a fully informed decision based on your individual requirements.

So you're probably asking yourself what is the best option for me? The truth is that it's not always an option between one or the other. 

Are you purchasing the property from a private individual (Secondary Market) or are you purchasing a new home direct from the developer (Primary Market)?  

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