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Landed Property Ownership - Off Plan

Written by FazWaz

Unlike the secondary market where transfer of ownership is limited based on the current structure, the New Homes market for landed property generally gives buyers an option of controlling the land through a leasehold or freehold structure. 

For Thai Nationals buying in this project, freehold in this case means that they of course can own the land outright in their name. 

We know this option does not exist for International buyers so freehold in the same example for foreigners means that the land can be secured through a company structure. 

Options will vary from market to market and from project to project as Developers will often cater ownership based on the demographic purchasing in that market. 

FazWaz property consultants will work with you to understand your unique requirements and any ownership preference in order to match you to a project where you are comfortable and secure in your ownership.

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