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Ownership Explained - The Basics

Written by FazWaz

General Property Ownership Explained
Foreign nationals who purchase real estate in Thailand can hold property through a variety of ownership structures.

The three most common forms of ownership used by foreigners to hold real estate are leasehold, freehold through a condo title, and freehold through acquisition by a Thai company

Freehold means that a property can be owned outright in your name forever. Individual units in a condominium building may be owned freehold by foreign nationals. 

Leasehold means that the building or land is held on a lease from the land or building owner. The longest registered lease permitted by Thai law is 30 years, which will be registered at the Land Department. It is common to contractually agree options to renew the lease for additional extensions beyond the initial 30-year period. 

A Thai Company is an indirect means of foreign ownership, typically for land and villas, but commonly for condominiums as well. There are strict rules in setting up and/or maintaining a Thai Company when foreign nationals are involved.  

Which structure primarily depends on the ‘type’ of property (condominium or house/villa) you are interested in purchasing.  

To find out more, select a property ‘type’ below for a video explanation. 

I am interested in a…..

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