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Your Real Estate Guide: [23] Popular Property Types and Homes

Written by FazWaz
Chanvit Khanijoun
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Table of Contents 23 Property Types

  1. Single Family Homes
  2. Townhouse
  3. Multi-Family Home (Detached)
  4. Mansion
  5. Mediterranean Homes
  6. Condos
  7. Apartments
  8. Loft Condo
  9. Penthouse
  10. Duplex
  1. Contemporary Home Style
  2. Colonial Home
  3. Victorian Home
  4. Home Office
  5. Tiny Homes
  6. Container Homes
  7. Mobile Homes
  8. Bungalow (Water Bungalows)
  9. Thai Style Pool Villas
  10. Houseboat (Phae)
  11. Resort Style Condos
  12. Floating House

Homebuyers seeking a residence that suits their unique lifestyle face a daunting task of selecting from an array of property types. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to determine the most fitting one. We understand this dilemma and have therefore compiled a detailed guide that outlines 23 popular property types and homes. Our guide is designed to assist you in finding the perfect match that aligns with your needs and preferences. By utilizing our guide, you can effortlessly create a shortlist of your top three property types and commence the process of viewing and acquiring your new home. Whether you desire a capacious family home with ample outdoor space or a city duplex that caters to your work-from-home lifestyle, our guide provides an all-inclusive solution. So, bid farewell to your real estate apprehensions and discover the property type that ideally fits your aspirations and lifestyle.

Common Property Types

We will being with common types of property found all around the world. From the high concrete city of New York City, to the metropolis of London, to the populous city of Tokyo. These property types are found anywhere in the world. Whether you as a homebuyer seeking to buy a home for the next chapter for your life. Or to diversify your investment porfilio to manage your investment risks. All these common properties can be purchase for all these valid reasons. 

1. Family Single-Home(Attached)

Single-family homes are the most common type of real estate property. They are standalone homes that are designed to accommodate one family. Single-family homes offer many benefits, including privacy, space, and customization options. However, they can also be expensive to maintain and have higher utility costs. Additionally, these properties are often located in suburban areas, which can be a disadvantage if you prefer living in the heart of a city. 

Single-family homes are ideal for individuals or families who want privacy and large living space. This property style is mainly fully furnished, so you pack your bags and move in as a family. 

A single-family home advantage is that you can renovate as much as you want to match your lifestyle and character. Add a music room or BBQ area from the kitchen to your private garden for your perfect Sunday afternoon with your family. 

2. Townhouse

Townhouses are similar to condos, usually attached to other property units. However, townhouses are often multi-story homes with private entrances and outdoor spaces. This property type is typically three stories or higher. Townhouse provides you with a long hallway leading to multiple bedrooms upstairs. You do have some private garden space. 

Townhouses are designed in clusters, but unlike single-family homes, they are not aligned with any main roads. Resulting in offering more privacy and space than condos but are typically less expensive than single-family homes.

3. Multi-Family Home (Detached)

Multi-family homes, as the name suggests, are designed to house more than one family. They come in various configurations, from duplexes and triplexes to large detached family homes. These property types are mainly found in suburban areas outside the city because of their spacious layout. 

Detached multi-family homes are great for large families needing plenty of space to decorate various rooms. From having a multi-kids room to having a large kitchen area. They offer your family privacy as they share walls with other families. Multi-family homes are a great investment opportunity for those who want to generate rental income. For a great in-depth guide on the difference between an attached vs. detached home, click here.

Holiday Villas : With InvestRealEasy

To finding holiday villas Holiday Villa Realtors and InvestRealEasy.com  as they are the best of both worlds. Renting or buying a villa is simple, especially during the upcoming summer months. Enjoy spending time with families in a lovely pool villa, and then take the kids outside to relax and spend quality time as a family.

4. Mansion

If you're ready to go big, a mansion might be the ultimate status symbol you've been searching to look for. These splendid and lavish properties are not for the faint of heart or budget. But if you can invest in a massive and extravagant property, a mansion could be what you're looking for the whole time.

When it comes to mansions, there's no one-size-fits-all definition. However, one thing's for sure; they're bound to be imposing and awe-inspiring. Think grand entrance gates, sweeping staircases, sprawling grounds and all-around luxury.

Of course, with great size comes great responsibility. If you're considering purchasing a mansion, be prepared for serious maintenance. Keeping up the pristine landscaping, grounds and gardens could require hiring a full team of professionals, including lawncare specialists and gardeners. 

But let's remember the perks of owning a mansion. These extraordinary properties are fitted with every luxury imaginable, from extravagant features like home theaters and wine cellars to grand dining rooms and multi-car garages. And, of course, a mansion is the ultimate way to make a statement and showcase your style and success to the world.

6. Mediterranean Homes

Medoterranean Home in Dubai

When you're in a sun-soaked area, there's nothing quite like a Mediterranean-style home to make you feel like you're on a permanent vacation. To spot one of these unique homes, look for those iconic red tile roofs and white stucco walls paired with arched windows.

Mediterranean homes have become increasingly popular in warmer climates. They are drawing inspiration from the architecture of Greece and Spain. From Southern Europe to even the South of Germany, to Dubai and starting to have an emerging trend in the Southeast region. 

One of the best things about Mediterranean-style homes is that they're designed for outdoor living. Think balconies, terraces and courtyards perfect for lounging in the sunshine or hosting gatherings with friends and family. And with the right landscaping, palm trees and fragrant flowers, you'll feel like you're living in your own slice of the Mediterranean. So why not let your home be your oasis and escape to a Mediterranean-inspired paradise today?

7. Condos 

Condos or condominiums are a popular real estate property type, especially for city dwellers in major metropolitan cities. They are units in a building or complex that are individually owned. Condos are perfect for individuals or small families who want to own property but do not need the space of a single-family home. This property type is very low maintenance compared to a single-family home where you must remove the lawn moaner. 

The advantage of condos is that you can create your own space. You can re-decorate with a different color palette that matches your character. Depending on your location, you even have spectacular city skyline views. Every Sunday morning, take your cup of coffee to your balcony and enjoy the scenic view without worrying about cutting your grass every weekend. 

Condos come with shared amenities such as a pool, gym, or playground and are often managed by the homeowners association. 

8. Apartments

Hesitant to jump into the commitment of homeownership? Not a problem! Renting an apartment is a fantastic solution when you need more time to make that big purchase or more funds.

With an apartment, you can rent a unit without the responsibility of complete ownership. Upon signing a rental agreement, you'll be provided with the details of the monthly rent payments, the length of the rental period and any restrictions on how you can personalize your space.

Apartments are available in various settings, from towering complexes in bustling city centers to cozy units in quiet suburbs or small towns. Some apartment buildings are professionally managed by companies that oversee multiple properties to ensure tenants receive top-notch service.

It's important to note that breaking a lease can come with penalties, so read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Shorter-term leases often come with a higher monthly price tag as apartment managers prefer to keep their units occupied at all times.

While you may not have complete control over the appearance of your apartment, such as upgrading appliances or painting the walls, you still can add your personal touch with décor choices. Remember, the volume of your neighbors is also out of your hands. So sit back, relax, and let someone else do the dirty work! 

9. Loft Condo 

Loft Condo Design in Thailand

Are you looking for a unique and trendy property to call your own? Consider a loft condo in the heart of cosmopolitan cities from Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai and London. These stylish and spacious properties are popular choices for residents living in major cities, as well as vacation homes and short-term rentals if you consider purchasing loft condos as an investment opportunity.

With an open-concept design, loft condos are perfect for those who love a modern and contemporary living space. High ceilings, large windows, and exposed brick or concrete walls give these properties an industrial edge sure to impress.

When considering a loft condo, it's important to consider the property's location and size. Look for a property near amenities like shops, restaurants and public transportation. You'll also want to consider the features of the property, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the layout, and amenities like a pool or gym. You want to look at the working, kitchen, and bedroom spaces. Most loft condo bedroom designs have walk-in closets providing ample space. Remember the different views you would get from your floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the specular city skyline by sipping your cup of hot latte in the morning.

One of the biggest advantages of a loft condo is its potential for rental income. With their unique style and desirable location, these properties are in high demand for short-term rentals. So, you're looking for a stylish and convenient living space that's perfect for modern urban living. A loft condo is your ideal choice that matches your lifestyle.

10. Penthouse 

Homebuyers seeking property types that make you feel on top of the world? Look no further than luxurious penthouses. These property types are high-end living options. Perfect for those wanting a sophisticated and glamorous lifestyle in major cities.

Penthouses, the crown jewel of luxury living, situate at the top of the building, providing breathtaking panoramic views. These palatial spaces are perfect for hosting sophisticated dinners or enjoying downtime in sumptuous surroundings. With soaring ceilings, high-end finishes and unlimited open floor plans. Penthouses offer the ultimate experience in luxury and elegance. Check the guide on different furnished type of properties in Thailand.

A penthouse is the epitome of luxury living and an opportunity not to miss. But you know what the real showstopper is? The outdoor space. Many penthouses boast a private rooftop terrace that will take your breath away, complete with a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. With unrivaled views and fresh air, this oasis is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Plus, it offers endless opportunities for al fresco dining, entertaining and stargazing. Plus, with features like a built-in grill or outdoor kitchen, you can host unforgettable parties.

11. Duplex

Were you looking for a convenient and flexible living solution? Take the first step towards comfortable and affordable living! A duplex property is what you need! With two separate living units, each with own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living space. Duplexes offer unparalleled privacy and autonomy, making them ideal for families and couples. And with their cost-effective design, duplexes are perfect for those looking to own a property in bustling cities. Whether you are searching for your first home or investment opportunity, consider the benefits of a duplex property today.

Charming Historic Homes Property Types 

We have seen 10 common types of properties found in the world. Let's take a step back in time and experience the enchanting allure of historic homes. These timeless properites wil give a glimpse of the past and architectural styl styles that evoke feelings of nostalgia and charm. We have a selection for colonial Homes to Victorian mansions properties that tells a unique story. These historic properties are mainly found in the Western Hempishere from Europe and across the Atlantic ocean to United States of America. 

12. Contemporary Home Style 

Contemporary Home in Thailand to buy

Contemporary-style homes are taking the Southeast Asian housing market by storm, and it's not hard to see why. Designed to focus on the present, these homes incorporate elements from modernist styles while prioritizing eco-friendly materials and sustainable design principles. With natural textures and neutral color palettes, contemporary homes offer a minimalist and sophisticated look, perfect for those seeking a stylish and modern living space. These homes provide abundant natural light and a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience thanks to their clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows. From cozy abodes to spacious retreats, contemporary homes are available in various sizes and locations throughout Thailand. Whether you're looking for a primary residence or a vacation home, modern style is the way for those who appreciate sleek design and eco-conscious living. Come and see for yourself why contemporary homes are the new wave in Southeast Asian housing.

13. Colonial Home

Are you looking for a timeless home style with a touch of history? Look no further than colonial properties! With their roots dating back to America's colonial period in the 1600s, this iconic home style has a strong British influence, making it a unique addition to any neighborhood.

Colonial properties are best recognized for their boxy shape, centered front door, and balanced window placement. While the layout may seem formal, it's ideal for hosting guests and maximizing movement throughout the house. The bedrooms are often on the second floor, providing privacy and separation from the common living areas.

Once inside, you'll be welcomed by a central staircase with the kitchen, dining room, and living room around it. The symmetrical layout creates a sense of balance and tranquility throughout the home, making it an excellent choice for families or those seeking a more structured living space.

Another advantage of colonial homes is their natural symmetry. Need an extra room or a larger kitchen? Expanding the property is a breeze thanks to the rectangular design. And while colonial properties are less common in Thailand, their classic design and functional layout make them a unique and practical option for homebuyers seeking a home with character and potential for future expansion.

14. Victorian Homes

Victorian architecture's timeless elegance is returning as old meets new in Bangkok. With its wide open spaces and ornate ornamentation, this style is reminiscent of the grandeur of Thai homes during the Rama 5 era. Victorian homes are truly a sight to behold. These towering structures are two or three stories high, with intricate detailing that sets them apart from other house styles.

In their prime during the 1800s, Victorians symbolized wealth and prosperity. Painted in bold colors, these homes would make a statement in any neighborhood.

"Victorian" encompasses several styles, including the Gothic Revival and Queen Anne. Iconic paintings like Grant Wood's "American Gothic" showcase the unique Gothic Revival style.

Victorian homes are characterized by slender windows and a broad front porch, often with turrets or towers for added drama. The house's exterior may feature steep pitches and a variety of angles. At the same time, the interior boasts a dramatic staircase and intricate woodwork and molding.

Named after Queen Victoria, Victorian homes emerged in the 1830s and remained popular until the early 1900s. With their bay windows, small towers, steep gable roofs, and brightly colored facades, these homes are perfect for those seeking a touch of old-world charm in the heart of Bangkok.

New Waves Types of Properties

We have completed common and historical home property types. Yet time have changes and real estate changes with the time and situation. Unexpect events of the pandamic to even the rise of interest rates that central banks world-wide are increasing quartarly. These property types below are new, and trending yet comfortable living to a new wave of properties. These innovative homes offer a fresh perspective on what it means to live in the modern world. They provide more sustainable living with eco-friendly features and functionality into them. 

15. Home Office

Home Office Design Property Type

During the pandemic in the past two to three years, many people have worked from home more frequently. As a result, there has been a trend toward creating a dedicated workspace within the home. This is where the home office property type comes in.

Home offices are townhouses renovated and re-designed to serve a dual purpose: a living space and a large dedicated workspace. As for townhouses, the main function is living with an older interior. Home offices are modern designs targeting younger homebuyers with the new work-from-home mandate to work. You have more space than living in a condo, but you divide the area of working and living by 50 - 50 percent. Typically, the ground and first floors are dedicated to office space.

In contrast, the upper floors are used for living areas with your family or loved ones. Home offices are gaining popularity for living with your peers and friends as you can share the cost of living together. 

These modern-looking townhouses are mainly located on the outskirts of Bangkok but still within easy access to transportation, particularly the new BTS yellow lines. Easy access to transportation makes it possible to get into the city center quickly and easily.

Overall, the home office property type has become increasingly popular as it offers the flexibility to work from home without compromising comfort or style. A dedicated workspace on the ground floor makes maintaining a work-life balance while staying productive easier.

16. Tiny Homes

Some tiny homes can be as little as 100 square feet! Despite their small size, tiny houses are equipped with all the essential spaces you need, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living area for you to watch Netflix. You'll get a smaller version of these spaces without sacrificing privacy.

One of the biggest advantages of tiny homes is affordability. You can find tiny homes for less than the price of a new car and without the burden of a mortgage.

You are in Bangkok watching the skyline, and in the next 3 hours, you are on the white sandy beach of Hua Hin enjoying fresh seafood in the comfort of your home. Tiny homes with plenty of windows to maximize natural light offer a bright and welcoming atmosphere. As a bonus, some tiny homes can be towed to different locations, allowing you to enjoy beautiful scenic views all year round.

With its unique charm and affordability, a tiny home may be the perfect solution for your next living space. While tiny homes are ideal for one or two people or a couple, they may prove challenging for larger families. However, placing a tiny house on a beautiful plot of land can make up for any potential need for indoor space.

17. Container Homes

Have you considered a container home? Yes, you read that right. Shipping containers have been transformed into modern, stylish homes, becoming increasingly popular. You're looking for a unique and eco-friendly housing option.

Not only are these homes environmentally conscious, but they also offer incredible customization opportunities. Mix and match containers to create a unique space or blend them with traditional materials like a brick to achieve a more classic look. The possibilities are endless.

One of the best things about container homes is their incredibly versatile. You can stack them to create multiple stories or connect them for an open, airy feel. And with the ability to easily cut doorways and windows into steel walls, the design options are nearly limitless.

Another benefit of container homes is their industrial aesthetic. These homes stand out from traditional properties with their unique style and character. Plus, they are more quickly developed than conventional homes since the walls and roofs are already in place.

Container homes are not just for residential use. With their customizable and flexible design, they can be tailored to fit any specific needs or requirements. They are also an excellent option for an office or workspace.

18. Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are unique and flexible living spaces in Thailand. Mobile homes are cozy and modern, perfect for couples and families. Picture yourself waking up in a peaceful and natural environment surrounded by the stunning Thai landscape. Especially down south in Phuket and Hua Hin with their white sandy beaches. Whether you prefer the tranquility of an undisturbed beach or the beauty of the lush green forest of Chiang Mai. Mobile homes offer the freedom to create your dream retreat wherever you choose. Mobile homes provide valuable and comfortable living spaces with style and functionality forefront of these property-type designs. Plus, with the ability to move your home to different locations, you'll always have new surroundings. Take advantage of the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind lifestyle in Thailand. Take action today and discover the world of mobile homes!

Property Types found in Thailand Only

Now we have reach to property types that you can only find in Thailand and a few spotted around Southeast Asia. Thailand real estate market is as eclectic as it's street food. The bustling city of Bangkok to the beautiful white beaches of Phuket island, you can find plenty of different charming and soulful property types. You are curious on the secrets of  real estate in Thailand. Then let's explore each real estate and property found in Thailand. Where you can ultimately call it your new home. 

19. Bungalow (Water Bungalows)

  1. Single-story homes with a simple and functional design.
  2. Typically features an open floor plan. Large window.
  3. Spacious outdoor area.

A bungalow is a great option for those seeking a more laid-back, easy-to-maintain living space with wide open spaces. Ideal for families wanting to connect with nature and receive a slight breeze. As bungalows are mainly located on the outskirts of the city.

Water bungalows and Villas are also gaining popularity in Southeast real estate. Water bungalows are built on stilts over the water, providing a unique and picturesque living experience with stunning views of the sea or surrounding landscape. On the other hand, Water Villas are built on land but still offer a waterfront location. Bungalows are very prominent in Bangkok City, Thailand. As the largest city of the "Land of Smiles". There are lots of spaces and land to develop large bungalows. Average price of bungalows in Bangkok is around 31.09M Thai Baht for a 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom bungalow. 

Water bungalows often have a plunge pool, providing residents with an additional luxury level. Bungalows, or water bungalows as known in Thailand, have a smaller floor plan than villas but still offer all the amenities and comforts of a modern home. 

20. Thai Style Pool Villas

Modern Thai Style Home with Private Pool

Are you looking for the perfect place to relax and enjoy the tropical paradise that is Thailand? Look no further than our stunning Thai-style villas with private pools. These luxurious properties offer everything you need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You would indulge in the ultimate getaway in Thai-style villas. 

This property type provides you with stylish design combining traditional Thai architecture for a unique living experience. Imagine waking up to the sound of exotic birds and feeling the gentle breeze as you step outside to your private pool. Whether you're a seasonal homebuyer or a real estate investor, these properties are an excellent investment for you looking to taste the good life in Thailand. For Thai style pool villas with their breezey and open spaces an average price is at 50M Thai Baht. From Phuket to Hua Hin these villas are rougly 350 sq.m. The minimium size provides you homebuyers with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Most of the Thai style exterior and interior pool villas are rich in design and located in quiet surrounded by nature. Gainning lots of trends by locals a like wanting more space and to not live in the city. 

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the ultimate in luxury living. Take action now and make one of these stunning villas yours today. For information on how to purchase Hua Hin pool villas is here. 

21. Traditional Thai Homes (Ruean Thai)

Traditional Thai Homes, or Ruean Thai are a unique and charming style of property found throughout Thailand. Ruen Thai homes feature intricate wooden details, steep roofs and spacious outdoor areas. That provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As you step inside, you transport to a different time, with traditional décor and warm and inviting colors. Traditional Thai homes use natural materials when constructing these property types. Giving them a rustic feel while providing all the modern amenities you need for comfortable living. Imagine sitting in your living room, surrounded by hand-carved wooden furniture and beautiful Thai textiles. The gentle breeze flows through your open windows with their timeless appeal. Traditional Thai homes are the perfect choice for those seeking a home with character, culture and soul.

22. Houseboat (Phae)

Let us introduce you to the traditional Thai houseboat, "Phae." Houseboats provide a rare opportunity to live in harmony surrounding by stunning natural landscape in Thailand. Drift along the canals and soak in the peacefulness of the water. If you want respite from the chaos of city living, a houseboat or Phae is the perfect escape. The clever design and charming features of Thai houseboats make them a practical and comfortable choice for anyone. Whether you're a seasonal or casual home buyer looking for a holiday home. Imagine waking up to the calming sound of water, basking in the sun on the deck and watching the sunset from the cozy sofa deck of your own floating home. Take advantage of the chance to experience this unique lifestyle. Take the first step today and discover the world of Thai houseboats!

23. Resort Style Condos

Resort-style condo provides you high-end amenities and services as you are on a holiday. Except you have all these amenities and services in your home. Imagine lounging by a sparkling pool, working out in a state-of-the-art gym, or relaxing at a luxurious spa – all steps away from your living space. Resort-style living offers more than convenience and luxury; it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and sophistication. Resort-style condo features tropical landscaping, expansive views and spacious outdoor living areas. The design of these property types capture the essence of your ultimate holiday. Suppose you want to experience a lifestyle combining comfort, leisure and elegance. In that case, a resort-style condo is a perfect choice. Additionally the buying price of Thai styles resort condos are priced between 250K - 7.4M Thai Baht. 

The price is are different as it depends on the location and of course the size of the property. For example Thai style resort condos are popular in Phuket and Koh Samui that are low-rise condos with beachside views. In Laguna, Phuket condo Laguna Seasons is a upscale luxury resort living condo priced around 11M THB because of plenty of reasons. The main reasons is the sea view you get from your balcony. Talking about the balcony, it is spacious that you can put a small table or a large sofa to kick back and relax watching the beautiful sunset in Laguna, Phuket. 

24. Floating Home

If you want a unique way of living, you have it right here. A floating home is your perfect answer. Imagine waking up to the tranquil sounds of water and feeling in harmony with nature. These unique properties built on water, allows you to live on the river or lake. With various sizes and shapes, floating homes offer a one-of-a-kind living experience you won't find anywhere else.

Living in a floating home offers an incomparable advantage - an unmatched view from your home. Surrounded by water, you'll experience a soothing effect on your mind and body. The views are breathtaking, and you'll feel like you're in your own haven, far from the city's commotion. Living in a floating home also presents an exceptional opportunity to connect with nature. You can fish, swim or take your boat out for a ride anytime. Enjoy the stunning scenery, observe the wildlife and soak up the sun in your home.

Why Invest in Thailand Property Types in 2023

According to Trading Economics, as of January 2023 Thailand House Price Index (HPI) stands at 157 points. It is a good indicator to represent that the housing marketing in Thailand is relatively stable and less volalitaly. All of property types listed under Thailand are stable since January 2022 till present day. Even with the increase for interest rates from Bank of Thailand (BoT), property prices have remain stable and the same. 

House Price Index (HPI) is an indicator that tracks the changes in prices of residential properties in a speific area over a set of period of time. One benefits to use the HPI as a real estate investors is to provide you with a benchmark to compare with other different property types. Such as comparing the average price of bungalows 31.09M Thai Baht to resort condos in Phuket average price at 11M Thai Baht. From there as an investors to get annually net rental yield to get a comprehensive analysis and view of your potential return on investments of a property. 

Net rental yield is the expected rate of return on your single property investment. Net rental yield factors in the estimated expensves of your property purchase. Formula to calculate net rental yield is as followed:

We are using the example of Hua Hin villa 2 bedroom average price. 

Net Rental Yield Formula

Net Rental Yield = (Annual Rental Income - Annual Expenses) / Property Value

Net Rental Yield = (฿409,500 - ฿91,000) / ฿8,910,000

Net Rental Yield = 0.0335 or 3.35%

For more in depth analyses and details on different rental yield calculation and formula, click here. 


When buying a home, exploring all your options is a wise choice. You deserve a home that checks all your boxes and makes you proud to call it your home. With this knowledge, you can choose your dream home for yourself and your family quickly. Finding your dream home can be a challenging journey. Yet, identifying different types of property that best suit your needs is a good starting point. It can help you and your local real estate agent narrows your options. Ready to take the first step? 

Start browsing our property listings and contact our FazWaz team for any questions or inquiries. Our mission is to help you find your perfect home with ease.

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