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Thailand Property Buying Guide

Looking to buy property in Thailand? Our Thailand Property Buying Guide offers comprehensive overview of local market and expert advice on property buying.

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How to Buy Property in Thailand 2023 - 2024 in 3 Easy Steps

Buying Thailand property as an expat in 2023-2024 turns your dream of owning Thai property into reality with many options from condos to land.
updated 5 months ago

Thailand Condo to Buy Near Shopping Malls

Your search for Thailand condos near shopping malls ends here. A collection of condos for sales nearby popular Central World, Siam Paragon in 2023.
updated 9 months ago

Where to Buy/Rent Property in Thailand: Q2 Trends

Thailand's Q2 2023 real estate report is out now by FazWaz! Find top 3 locations for condos and houses, to buy or rent in Thailand.
updated 10 months ago

Real Estate: What is it?

Gain valuable insights into real estate, including investing and financing, to navigate the market effectively and make informed decisions.
updated 11 months ago

Top 12 Pet-Friendly Condos for My Furry Friend

Unearth the top 12 pet-friendly condos in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya to create a haven for your furry friend.
updated 11 months ago

Your Real Estate Guide: [23] Popular Property Types and Homes

A complete real estate glossary. Browse through our collection of pictures and helpful facts to discover your perfect type of property for your dream home.
updated 1 year ago

Thailand Real Estate: Off-Plan vs. Resale 2023

Unveiling the Contrasts Between Off-Plan and Resale Properties in Thailand's Real Estate Market 2023.
updated 1 year ago

First-Time Buyers: Thailand Property Steps

Planning to buy your first home in Thailand? Here are essential steps you need to take, from checking credit score, knowing your budge to own Thailand home.
updated 1 year ago

Thailand Condo Investments: Benefits in 2023

Invest in Thailand condos have lots of potential benefits and also some drawbacks. Why should you invests in Thailand real estate in 2023?
updated 1 year ago

Interest rates vs Home Price: What Matters More for Buyers?

Interest rates and home prices key factors that influence the buying decision in Thailand real estate? What matter mores in buying properties?
updated 1 year ago

Understand the crazy world of real estate: 4 Property Types in Thailand

Are you ready to buy property in Thailand but not sure which type to choose? Our guide to four property types in will help you understand the differences
updated 1 year ago

Understanding the Growth of Property Sector in Thailand [2023]

Stay ahead of Thailand property market trends with FazWaz expert analysis of the industry's growth trajectory in 2023 with our ultimate property guide.
updated 1 year ago

Your Ultimate Guide to Owning a Condo in Thailand

Searching for the perfect condo in Thailand? Look at FazWaz ultimate guide! Packed with practical advice and insider tips, for your smart investment.
updated 1 year ago

Your Dream Home in 2023: Best Thailand Condo with City View

Live the life you've always imagined in [2023] with the best Thailand condos offering city views. Your dream home is just a click away with FazWaz
updated 1 year ago
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