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List & Manage your Properties

Written by FazWaz

Getting Started

First things first you need a FazWaz account -- if you don't already have one, click here to get started. With your account details ready to go, visit any page on FazWaz and click List your Property - FREE in the header menu on desktop:

Or on mobile you can find List your Property - FREE behind the three bars on the top-left of the header, then at the bottom of the menu:

If you aren't yet logged-in the system will ask you to log in before starting your listing.

Step 1 - Location
If your property belongs to a Development Project, chances are we already have it in our system. In the first box (pointed to by green arrow below), try typing in the name of the Development and choose it when it pops up.

If your property's Development Project isn't found in our system, or if your property is standalone and not part of a Development, click on Click here (circled above in green). This will bring you to a new screen where you can manually enter the location details for your property and drag the map pin to the exact location as well. The first item it asks for, Property Name, will be your property's official name on FazWaz so choose carefully.

*Note - at any time click on the big blue Save and finish later button to continue your listing at another time.

Step 2 - Basics
This step covers the most common items users want to see when searching for property, including:

  • Property is for sale, for rent, or both
  • Property Type (Condo, Villa, Land, House, etc)
  • Bedrooms & Bathrooms counts
  • Unit Size and/or Land Size in square meters
  • Furnishings Included
  • Floor a condo or apartment resides on, or Number of Floors in a house or villa
  • Building and/or Land ownership structure & title deed

Step 3 - Features

This step collects details about special features of the property such as views, location-proximities, and built-in features like jacuzzis, pools, gardens and more.

Step 4 - Pricing
Next you'll decide how much you are looking to get for your property, whether for rent or for sale. FazWaz will even give you a recommended price range for your property based on a number of factors like region & location, number of bedrooms & unit/land size, property type and more. While you can still edit the price after listing, it's always good to know what you want up front to avoid extended negotiations later on.

Step 5 - Photos
Here you can add tons of beautiful photos of your property to entice prospective buyers and renters. We do mean tons, and we do mean beautiful - real estate customers like pictures so make sure you spend some effort getting and adding some good photos, it will pay off. Drag and drop images to put them in the order you like, and remember the first one will be most-often seen across our sites.

Step 6 - Notes
In the final step, we're looking for some final remaining details:

  • Property description - like Photos, this is another great opportunity to sell your property so be sure to write something unique and engaging. History about the property or details about the neighborhood are especially relevant to clients.
  • Optional details - these are private details about your property which are for our agents' administrative purposes (for example if an agent were to take a client on a viewing to your property, they could check our system for the address and contact info). You can upload ownership documents as well to this section to share them with our team.

Once you're finished filling out all the details, you can click Save and finish later if you're not quite ready yet. Otherwise, if you are ready to complete your listing, click Submit to set it live on our sites. Optionally, check the List another property at ___ box before clicking Submit if you have multiple similar properties to list at the same Development Project.

Finishing Up - Managing Properties

After getting your property or properties listed on FazWaz, you may want to edit or remove your listing at some point. You'll at least want to view your listing! All of the above are easy enough: to get started, get to your account section through the header menu and click on the My Listings menu item to go to a page with only properties you've submitted. You'll find buttons to either View, Edit, or Delete the property here, all under your control.

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