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Buy: ฿2.2M - ฿1.33B
For Sale on FazWaz: 158 properties
Rent: ฿7.55K - ฿352K
For Rent on FazWaz: 33 properties
To Don Mueang Airport: 11.0 km / 16 mins by driving

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Aspire Ratchayothin
new condo with beautiful decoration
User Rating
Overall Rating
i really like this condo. it's a beautiful and distinctive condo with both interior and exterior designs. the furniture has been selected perfectly, especially the 1 bedroom plus. i like this room the most. the facilities that the project provides are not many, but i'm fine with them because i rarely use them. besides, getting to the project is quite easy and convenient. moreover, there are also a lot of convenient places near the project, both work sources, and schools.
Wutthikorn O.
  • 4 months ago
1 review
Baan Klang Muang The Paris Rama 9 - Ramkamhaeng
a beautiful townhouse in a convenient location
User Rating
Overall Rating
i bought a townhome for this project 3 years ago. it has a beautiful and luxurious design. the project offers a european style in the exterior and a classic style in the interior, which is perfect. my house is a 3-story townhome with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which is ideal for my medium-sized family. the project's common areas are beautiful and kept clean, but the atmosphere may be chaotic during the holidays due to the many people in the project. besides, it's very convenient to travel by private car because it's not far from the main road and there is no traffic jam in this zone. if you don't want to drive far, you can take the arl. i always drive to the hua mak arl and take its service to work on mondays and fridays.
Billy Teogan
  • 1 year ago
1 review
CIELA Sripatum
new condo, next to the main road and bang bua bts station
User Rating
Overall Rating
it's a new condo project situated on the top location next to phahonyothin road, convenient for traveling via bts skytrain and personal car. just walk a few steps out of the condo and go up the stairs, then you arrive at bang bua bts station. the condo is opposite sripatum university and close to well-known department stores and many famous hospitals. there are many different room types, the layout is the same as other condos, though. the interior's space is well-proportioned, quite compact yet comfortable to live in. the security system is excellent, and the security guards are friendly and helpful. the parking lot is just right enough, not too big and not too small. whoever owns this place, i guarantee that you will not be disappointed for sure.
Cash P.
  • 1 year ago
1 review
The Selected Kaset-Ngam Wongwan
a ready-to-move-in condo near kasetsart university bts
User Rating
Overall Rating
the condo is in a perfect location near kasetsart university bts, which can easily access every destination. it is also surrounded by famous shopping malls such as centralplaza lat phrao and major ratchayothin. the room is well decorated, even though my 1 bedroom condo size is a bit narrow compared to other condos, but it’s well divided in proportions, so that i can justify that. the common area also has complete facilities, such as large swimming pools, greenery space, and a fitness center for residents to use as well.
Tony Scot
  • 2 years ago
1 review
U Delight Ratchavibha
condo in vibhavadi rangsit area with all-around amenities
User Rating
Overall Rating
the condo is located on vibhavadi rangsit road, which is convenient for traveling around because it is close to an expressway, restaurant, and street food. it is also surrounded by a range of amenities, including centralplaza lat phrao, which is only 10 minutes away, as a result of which i bought this condo. my room has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and comes with fully-furnished, such as a full-option kitchen counter, sink, and air conditioning. the project focuses on a lush green garden and brings me closer to nature with a pleasant atmosphere, giving a sense of refreshed and relaxation. it offers various facilities, including the lobby area, internet, saltwater system swimming pool, kids pool, poolside relax area, fitness center, sauna, steam, etc., that meet workers' and students' needs.
Tarn P.
  • 4 years ago
1 review
Chapter One The Campus Kaset
a stylish condo with easy access and close to the university
User Rating
Overall Rating
this condo is situated in a vibrant location, next to the main road and close to the famous kasetsart university, which is only 300 meters away. it is also near amonphan market, bang khen market, land development department, royal forest department, vibhavadi hospital, and about 17 kilometers away from don mueang airport. what draws me in is how easy it is to find food because it is densely packed with restaurants and shopping malls. anyway, i lived in a spacious 2-bedroom condo and rented it with my friend. it's a perfect place because of its proportions. the room is fully furnished in which you drag your bag and live. the facilities are also considered complete, including the swimming pool, sauna, steam room, yoga room, communal garden area, and lounge. aside from that, there are numerous parking spaces available, excluding double parking. in general, it greatly impresses me.
Napat Jaisue
  • 5 years ago
1 review
Bridge Phaholyothin 37
modern design condo, comfortable travel
User Rating
Overall Rating
i used to rent a one-bedroom condo in the phaholyothin neighborhood. i can tell you that the room was pretty large, modernly designed, fully furnished, so you won't have to buy anything to move in. two people can live comfortably without feeling cramped at all. i was so relaxed here. the atmosphere around the project was quiet and calm. the area was surrounded by green. there was also a relaxing garden area and other facilities such as a swimming pool, a fitness center, a parking area, and a well-kept security system. i wasn't worried about safety. the condo was close to the main road. traveling was quite convenient. there were many restaurants and convenience stores. finding something to eat was not difficult. overall, i was pleased.
Natalia Jones
  • 5 years ago
1 review

Overview of Neighborhoods in Lat Yao

Major Cineplex Ratchayothin
265 Properties for you
Buy: ฿905K - ฿1.33B
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Ratchayothin BTS
235 Properties for you
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Kasetsart University BTS
58 Properties for you
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Royal Forest Department BTS
13 Properties for you
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Bang Bua BTS
12 Properties for you
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Bon Marché Market Park
10 Properties for you
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Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA BANGKOK)
4 Properties for you
Buy: ฿2.72M - ฿9.06M
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Kasetsart University
3 Properties for you
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Vibhavadi Hospital
2 Properties for you
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