Nong Pla Lai

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  • Sale
    ฿1.7M - ฿37.1M
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    For Sale on FazWaz:
    38 properties
  • Rent
    ฿9.03K - ฿60.2K
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    For Rent on FazWaz:
    5 properties
  • To Utapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport:
    50.7 km / 50 mins by driving

Property in Nong Pla Lai

Latest Reviews of Projects in Nong Pla Lai

Green Field Villas 5
luxury house near pattaya
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Overall Rating
i have bought a house here. it is a village project that is cozy and luxurious as the developer has claimed and guaranteed by previous qualified projects. good location! and the village house with high privacy. not far from pattaya, convenient transportation, reasonable price, not very expensive. there are many facilities onsite such as security guards for 24 hrs., a swimming pool, a clubhouse, a gym, and a garden. as for the house type, there are both one-story and two-story houses. the area is extensive. my family bought a one-story unit with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. the place is durable as the materials are of high-quality grade. i love swimming with my child in a pool in the evening. my husband likes chatting with neighbors who referred me to buy the house. my dog also likes to run in the yard around the house. most of our neighbors are foreigners. they have a warm heart.
Kristy Cathey
  • 5 months ago
1 review
Regent Village 2
single storey house with fully furnished
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Overall Rating
i'm not disappointed to buy the house for this project. this house i bought is a single-story detached house, consisting of 3 bedrooms. the house is spacious and fully furnished. every piece of furniture is modern and usable, good value to buy it. this project is tranquil as there are only 13 houses, close to nature, non-crowded, and friendly neighbors. i'm lucky!
Arlette Shetler
  • 1 year ago
1 review
Patta Prime
very good location, close to many important places.
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i bought a house at patta prime for a while. there is everything that i want and close to my office, which is comfortable to travel. my house is single-detached and includes 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, perfectly designed and separated into zones. i like the design and decoration of the house. it makes me feel very comfortable and good for living. the facilities in the house are also excellent, conducive to a good life. the project also provides a full range of facilities, including a fitness center, saltwater pool, and the park. the project has been arranged perfectly. patta prime is considered a good project, a beautiful location, convenient transportation, and close to the tourist attractions of pattaya city. very suits the needs of the new generation.
Kritsada T.
  • 2 years ago
1 review