Moo Baan Pimuk 1

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San Sai Noi, San Sai, Chiang Mai

For Sale 2 Units ฿3,300,000
Dec 2010 Completed
300 Units

Moo Baan Pimuk 1 in San Sai Noi, Chiang Mai

Moo Baan Pimuk 1 is a house and villa project located in San Sai Noi, Chiang Mai and was completed in Dec 2010. It has 300 units

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Moo Baan Pimuk 1
Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2 Arcade is the nearest Bus Terminal from Moo Baan Pimuk 1 and it is 2.8 km away.

The building (the bricks and mortar) can be owned by a non-Thai national outright in their name in what is called the house registry which secures ownership indefinitely of the structure. 

In Thailand non-Thai nationals cannot own land outright in their name. Land can be controlled through either a Thai Company or a long-term registered lease. The longest registered lease term by Thai law is 30 years and most developers will offer 3 terms for a total of 90 years.


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After you have found the right property at Moo Baan Pimuk 1 you have to follow these steps:

  • - Agreement of terms and conditions
  • - Reservation Agreement
  • - Reservation Deposit
  • - Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • - Settlement & Transfer


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A 30-year lease period is legally protected under Thai law and ownership cannot be disrupted. It is common for developers to offer an additional two terms of 30 contractually obligating a total of 90 years. 

Prior to purchasing a leasehold property it is important to secure a copy of the lease agreement or get further clarity on these three points.

  • - Who is the lessor? (an individual or a Thai Company) Securing a lease from a Thai Company offers much more security than a private individual.
  • - Do I have voting rights as a Lessee? (Some lease contracts do not allow lessee to have voting rights)
  • - Is there a succession clause in the lease agreement that will allow inheritance of the lease?


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Thailand has different visas like Spousal Visa, Retirement Visa, Student Visa and Elite Visa - just to name a few options. Each visa has different requirements but they are usually easy to obtain.


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Chiang Mai

San Sai Noi

Neighborhood Overview of San Sai Noi, Chiang Mai

Neighborhood Overview

Location and Neighborhood

Street View

Surrounding area

Moo Baan Pimuk 1 is located 1560 from 7-11 and it can be reached within 4 mins by car.

There are many other shops situated in the area of Moo Baan Pimuk 1, the 3 closest being:
- Mini Big C is 1.6 km away (an approx. drive of 4 mins.)
- 7-Eleven is 1.9 km away (an approx. drive of 4 mins.)
- mini C Mini Mart, San Sai Branch is 1.9 km away (an approx. drive of 4 mins.)

The surrounding area, where Moo Baan Pimuk 1 is situated, offers a wide variety of restaurants. See the closest of them below:
- Tao Ngoi Village is 470 m away (a walk of about 6 mins.)
- 99/184 is 510 m away (a walk of about 6 mins.)
- Pounding in a mortar is 1.4 km away (approx. 5 mins. by car)

Kattreeya Physical Clinic is the nearest health facility, which is 2.0 km away (you can drive there in 5 mins.) from the project, while the closest schools in the proximity of Moo Baan Pimuk 1 are:
- Swim Stars Chiang Mai is 350 m away (about 4 mins. by foot)
- Valley Nurse Nursery is 230 m away (about 3 mins. by foot)
- Won Lee Nursery - Pimuk Village is 240 m away (about 3 mins. by foot)

Chiang Mai International Airport is located 12.1 km from Moo Baan Pimuk 1 and it takes about 23 mins. by car or taxi (depending on the traffic) to get there.

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