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Keep up with the news and trends in the Phuket property market. Insider insights and advice, and experts tips to find latest real estate news in Phuket.

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Phuket Property Booms as Chinese Buyers Move to Thailand

Discover why an increasing number of China's middle class are choosing Phuket as their destination for a more relaxed lifestyle.
updated 2 weeks ago

Phuket Property Market Post Covid-19 – What to Expect in 2023

Get ahead of the game in the Phuket property market. Learn what post Covid-19 trends to expect in 2023 and get an edge in the real estate industry.
updated 2 weeks ago

Investors Flock to Midscale and High-End Properties in Phuket

Explore the ever-growing Phuket real estate market with these low-rise condos. Find the perfect investment for you today!
updated 2 weeks ago

Real Estate Slowdown in Thailand: What To Look Ahead in 2023

Get latest insights on Real Estate Slowdown in Thailand and how it might affect Phuket Property market in 2023. Learn more on market outlook in the regions.
updated 2 weeks ago