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Keep up with the news and trends in the Phuket property market. Insider insights and advice, and experts tips to find latest real estate news in Phuket.

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Phuket Property News Weekly Update for July 17-21, 2023

Phuket Property News: Catch the top property updates in Phuket from July 10-14, 2023. Discover the latest trends this July.
updated 8 months ago

Phuket Property News Weekly Update of June 26, 2023

Explore the latest trends and critical insights in Phuket's property market for the week of June 26-30, 2023.
updated 9 months ago

10-25 Million Baht Luxury Houses Boosts Thailand's Economy

Luxury houses priced 10-25 million Baht are driving Thailand's economy. Learn how this industry is thriving.
updated 1 year ago

Mega Projects Spark Surge in Phuket Luxury Properties 2023

Property market in Phuket is on the rise with the development of mega projects, driving demand for luxury properties in 2023. Learn about the trend now.
updated 1 year ago

Luxurious Projects in Bang Tao Almost Sold Out before Launch

Limited availability! Bang Tao's most sought-after villa and condo developments. Secure your spot in these luxurious projects now.
updated 1 year ago

Phuket Villa Market Booms as Russians Flock to the Island

Discover the reasons behind the surge of Russian buyers and renters in Phuket villa market, and what it means for the industry.
updated 1 year ago

Phuket Property Market Bounces Back with 50% Land Price Hike

Phuket land prices surge by over 50% following economic rebound. Learn more about this property market trend.
updated 1 year ago

Upcoming Light Rail System Boosts Phuket's Property Market?

Get insights into the impact of the upcoming light rail system on Phuket's property market, and how it is paving the way for real estate growth. Explore further.
updated 1 year ago

Top [9] Events to Look Forward in Phuket [2023]

Get ready for an unforgettable year! Discover the top 9 events you can't miss in Phuket 2023, from cultural festivals to sporting events.
updated 1 year ago

Phuket's Songkran Music Festival 2023: Let’s Party in Paradise

Phuket's Songkran world-class music festival over 2 days and nights at Blue Tree Phuket is coming on 14th and 15th April, 2023.
updated 1 year ago

Carnival Magic Theme Park Revives Phuket Tourism 2023

Carnival Magic Theme Park breathes new life into Phuket tourism with exciting attractions and entertainment. Explore now!
updated 1 year ago

Phuket's Songkran Water Splashing Approved for 2023

Songkran water splashing and cultural performances in Phuket 2023 on 13 - 15 April 2023. The festival has been approved in Phuket! 
updated 1 year ago

Top 6 Properties in Property under $7 Million in [2023]

Take the guesswork out of your property search with FazWaz top 6 picks properties under $7 million in Phuket Find your ideal investment today.
updated 1 year ago

Investors Flock to Midscale and High-End Properties in Phuket

Explore the ever-growing Phuket real estate market with these low-rise condos. Find the perfect investment for you today!
updated 1 year ago

Phuket Property Booms as Chinese Buyers Move to Thailand

Discover why an increasing number of China's middle class are choosing Phuket as their destination for a more relaxed lifestyle.
updated 1 year ago

The Ideal Destination for a Fulfilling Retirement in Phuket

Discover why Phuket, Thailand is the ideal destination for your retirement and next phrase of life by affordable cost of living, exceptional healthcare, and more.
updated 1 year ago

Phuket Expo 2028: World-Class Location with Limitless Potential

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Phuket expo 2028 news. Learn about the exciting developments and opportunities in store for Phuket's future.
updated 1 year ago

Latest Phuket Property News and Updates in 2023

Stay informed with the latest Phuket property news, trends and updates. Find out all you need to know about the property market in Phuket.
updated 1 year ago

Escape No-Zero Pandemic: Mainland Buyers Move to Phuket

New Beginnings in Phuket: Mainland Buyers Seek Peace of Mind. Get the Inside Scoop on Phuket Real Estate with the Latest Phuket News.
updated 1 year ago

Real Estate Slowdown in Thailand: What To Look Ahead in 2023

Get latest insights on Real Estate Slowdown in Thailand and how it might affect Phuket Property market in 2023. Learn more on market outlook in the regions.
updated 1 year ago

Phuket Property Market Post Covid-19 – What to Expect in 2023

Get ahead of the game in the Phuket property market. Learn what post Covid-19 trends to expect in 2023 and get an edge in the real estate industry.
updated 1 year ago
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