Mai Khao

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    ฿1.5M - ฿285M
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    423 properties
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    ฿60K - ฿90K
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    10 properties
  • To Phuket International Airport:
    9.4 km / 15 mins by driving

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Latest Reviews of Projects in Mai Khao

Utopia Maikhao
the location is great and suitable for investment
User Rating
Overall Rating
it is a spacious villa project that seems a large kingdom from utopia affiliated projects. i think it's worth investing because there are many benefits and i think it's worth it. the location is great and suitable as a vacation home for investment. now, it's not 100% completed yet, but i think it would be gorgeous when it is finished. traveling is convenient and not far from the 5-star hotels and mai khao beach. anyway, it is quite far from phuket town, about 30 kilometers. it only takes about 10-15 minutes, and there is also a shuttle service to many places as well.
Nathan Mcloughlin
  • 7 months ago
1 review
Mai Khao Beach Condotel
it worth the investment and such an impressive vacation condo.
User Rating
Overall Rating
quiet condo, located in the deep alley, but it's quite crowded during the festivals. there is a clean pool, good parking, free shuttle bus service to the beach. it takes about 7-10 minutes to the beach. anyway, there is only one supermarket in the neighborhood. i think it is a good choice to relax. the room includes a kitchenette. you can buy fresh products from the market and cook it by yourself. the seafood is very fresh and clean. i love it! it is about 15 minutes from the airport. i find it worth the investment and such an impressive vacation condo.
Jennie Pinkley
  • 10 months ago
1 review
Baan Mai Khao
worth investing in
User Rating
Overall Rating
i just bought a 2-bedroom unit at this condo earlier this year. the room is in the right size and decorated with quality furniture. the atmosphere in the project is shady with complete facilities. the staff has excellent service. the condo is next to mai khao beach, a beautiful tranquil beach that i can go for a walk in my free time. it is also very close to phuket international airport. it is one worth investing in.
Ketherine B.
  • 11 months ago
1 review

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